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Kentucky Route Zero Gets Limited-Edition And Vinyl Soundtrack, Both Available For Pre-Order

You should definitely call this number: 1-858-943-6579


It's been more than seven years since the first act of Kentucky Route Zero was released, and now it's finally reached its conclusion with Act 5, which released this week. Now, we can finally experience the entire game, no matter what platform you're on: PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC. However, if you want a physical edition of the game, Iam8bit is releasing limited-edition copies for PS4 and Switch.

Kentucky Route Zero merchandise at Iam8bit
Kentucky Route Zero merchandise at Iam8bit

The PS4 edition is available to pre-order for $30, while the Nintendo Switch version costs $35. Each version comes with "secret components" exclusive to Iam8bit. You can also grab the official soundtrack on 2xLP vinyl for $40.

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A second, 1xLP vinyl, is referred to as a "mystery vinyl" and available to pre-order for $30. The description reads: "Definitely not the Official Soundtrack to Kentucky Route Zero." On the next line: "Definitely a Mystery Vinyl related to Kentucky Route Zero." But it also comes with a digital version of the soundtrack, so it could still be the soundtrack, right?

Official cover art hasn't been revealed yet for either the game or soundtrack, and pre-orders for Iam8bit's Kentucky Route Zero merchandise won't ship until "Early Q3 2020," so July at the earliest.

While you're waiting for Iam8bit's Kentucky Route Zero products, I highly recommend calling the hotline for the Department of Real advertised on each of the pre-order pages. Dialing 1-858-943-6579 lets you listen to a cryptic and quite weird recording that will be updated in the coming weeks and months. Even if you have no interest in purchasing the physical edition of Kentucky Route Zero or the vinyl soundtrack, do yourself a favor and call the hotline.

For those unfamiliar with the peculiar and beloved adventure game, Kentucky Route Zero follows the tradition of old-school point-and-click PC games. You play as Conway, a truck driver who works for antiques company. During his final delivery, he must take Route Zero, a bizarre highway that runs through the caves of Kentucky. He crosses paths with strange folks along the way and often struggles to understand what is real and what isn't. Kentucky Route Zero is marked by magical realism and provides plenty of room for players to come to their own conclusions about the story and what it all means.

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