Kengo 3 announced by Genki

The third chapter in the PlayStation 2 samurai series will arrive in Japanese stores this summer.


Kengo 3

TOKYO--Genki has announced that it will be releasing a third installment in its Kengo series. Like previous installments, Kengo 3 lets you play as a medieval samurai. Your objective in the game is to travel around Japan to fight against other samurai to become the strongest warrior in the country. More than 30 historical warriors will be in the game, such as the legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi, his rival Sasaki Kojirou, and some lesser-known fighters, such as Shishido Baiken, legendary master of the chain and sickle.

In Kengo 3, players will journey around 11 regions in Japan, protecting people or killing them depending on the situation. In a first for the series, Kengo 3 will introduce the concept of time and let players choose from four different periods of the day, including morning, noon, evening, and night.

Kengo 3 is scheduled for release in the summer in Japan at a retail price of 7,140 yen ($66). No American release date has been set.

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