Ken Levine praises PlayStation 4

BioShock designer says the PC-like architecture for Sony's next-gen platform will "make life a lot better" for gamers.


BioShock Infinite

BioShock designer and Irrational Games cofounder Ken Levine likes what's he's seen so far of the PlayStation 4. Speaking to GameSpot, the industry veteran praised the platform's new PC-based architecture, saying the design is gamer-friendly.

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"I have to sit back and think about the next-generation. Obviously, more memory, more power is always a good thing. I love the fact that Sony's architecture is now much more aligned with the architecture of the PCs and[…]I can't say about the Xbox, but I presume they're continuing in that direction," Levine said.

"That will make life a lot better for gamers because you won't have that sort of diversification of resources in the same way that you had to do to support the differences in the [current-generation platforms]," he added. "I don't mean Move vs. Kinect, I mean specifically the architecture underneath. So that's a positive."

Overall, Levine said he hasn't yet give much specific thought to how he might approach development for next-generation platforms. However, he did make clear that his ambition for greater detail will be an area the new, more powerful machines can help.

"Obviously, more memory, more power is always a good thing."

"I really haven't sat back and thought the particular features or what I would do with the additional power besides the obvious things: I like detail and more power gives you more detail. That's obvious," Levine said.

Levine noted that this increase in power will not be without its share of potential difficulties.

"I think you then start running into, at some point, an issue of can you produce the content to fill that detail? Because BioShock Infinite really strained our[…]we produced a lot of content if you look at that level of detail," he said. "So then you go beyond the systems; can we build an infrastructure internally to build enough content to fill out that space? And that's going to be another challenge."

Levine's latest body of work is BioShock Infinite, which launches next Tuesday. For more, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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