Kemco announces Rogue Ops

Kemco announces that it'll publish Bits Studios' upcoming action adventure game, in which players will assume the role of an ex-Green Beret named Nikki Connors.


Kemco USA has today announced that it'll publish Bits Studios' action adventure game Rogue Ops, which is in development for all current-generation consoles. In the game, players will assume the role of a female ex-Green Beret named Nikki Connors who is charged with tackling a sinister terrorist organization known as Omega 19. The game will consist of eight missions, and Connors will be assisted by a number of fellow team members as she goes up against the terrorists who are not only a threat to the free world, but who also previously took the lives of her daughter and husband.

"We are extremely excited about the promise of Rogue Ops," said Glenn Halseth, vice president of sales and marketing for Kemco. "Early feedback on the title is that we have something very special and we are eager to place it in the hands of gamers later this year."

As Nikki Connors, players will become proficient with all manner of different tools and weapons, including pistols, a dart gun, a sniper rifle, grenades, mines, and a special gadget that combines infrared, low-light, and X-ray vision. Although the majority of the game's missions will require Connors to go unseen, her stealth abilities will be complemented by the ability to pick the pockets of unsuspecting enemies and to carry and conceal any bodies that might otherwise attract unwanted attention.

Kemco has stated that the Xbox version of Rogue Ops will incorporate online functionality with downloadable content, and it promises that platform-specific extras will also be included in the PS2 and GameCube versions. We'll bring you more information on Rogue Ops, which is scheduled for release toward the end of this year, as soon as it becomes available.

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