Keiji Inafune teases new zombie action title

Former Capcom producer's new game is called Yaiba, and will feature ninja and mecha elements; platforms are unconfirmed.


Former Capcom R&D head and producer Keiji Inafune has been keeping himself busy. Not only is he working on Soul Sacrifice, Kaio: King of Pirates, and a side-scrolling Android game called JJ Rocket, but he has also announced a new game called Yaiba ("blade" or "fang" in English).

Inafune's last zombie action title was the Dead Rising series.
Inafune's last zombie action title was the Dead Rising series.

According to a recent issue of Famitsu (via SGCafe), all Inafune has said about the game is that the zombie action title will have ninja and mecha elements in it. The article on Famitsu also showed off numerous artworks of zombie hordes.

On a related note, Koei Tecmo registered the trademark "Yaiba" in Europe on August 31 this year, which could mean that the publisher of the Dynasty Warriors and Ninja Gaiden series might be involved with Inafune's new game.

No platforms have been announced for Yaiba. More details on the game will be revealed on September 20, which is the first business day of Tokyo Game Show 2012.

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japanese originality


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I want another Mega Man :(. Screw you Capcom for forcing Inafune's hand like this. Can't wait to play Inafune's new stuff.

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I just want to know why the mechs dont just go ahead and destroy the zombies? Why they gotta cause trouble too?? Its already not working for me....

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I just want Dead Rising 3. It's one of the few games I want a sequel for.

Then again we waited five years for DR2 so a wait wouldn't stun me.

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yay!! my favorite anime (yaiba) is going up against zombies!!


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great news :) looking forward to it

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I'm waiting more news about it

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Jonathan Toyad (reviewer) looks just like bobby lee form mad tv haha

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Mecha Ninja Zombie Hunters

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love killing zombies~!

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Over done or not, zombie games tend to be fun. I'll keep tabs on this one.

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Zombie games are this generation's WWII games.

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when i read the words Dynasty Warriors, i lost interest :(

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Oh boy another zombie game. Because there just aren't enough of them.

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Ninja and zombies? NINJA ZOMBIES( )?! What's the game title again?Yaiba? GOSHO AOYAMA's YAIBA ( ??....*having skeptic thoughts*...ಠ_ಠ

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Ninjas, zombies and mecha... how could this go wrong?

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A Ninja slicing up zombies from Capcom, they got mt attention.

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Ugh, I can't be the only one completely sick of zombie games, right?

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@CyhortI82 you're not the only one. Zombie games bore me to death too. (no pun intended)

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@CyhortI82 Yeah you are, zombies ftw!

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Way too vague , but i'll keep an eye out since I loved Dead Rising 2

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It would be interesting what the game is about.