Keiji Inafune crafting PS3 RPG

Mega Man designer and former Capcom R&D head making role-playing game exclusively for Sony's console.


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Last October, Capcom R&D head and Mega Man designer Keiji Inafune shocked the industry by resigning from his employer of 23 years. Today, Bloomberg revealed what one of the prolific producer's next projects will be: a role-playing game for the PlayStation 3.

Inafune is crafting a PS3 RPG.
Inafune is crafting a PS3 RPG.

In an interview with the news service, Inafune revealed that he was working on the PS3 RPG, which could see release in Japan as early as August. No further details about the game were given, but the article did reveal that Inafune is also working on a social game designed specifically for the Japanese market. That title is due out later this month in the island nation.

Inafune said that the disruption of the game industry caused by social titles will lead to developer-management disputes like the one that prompted him to leave Capcom. "In this industry, it's often the creators who have the eye for potential hits but they're not the ones deciding what gets published," he told Bloomberg. "We'll see many more clashes as creator-management divides widen."

Inafune's exodus from Capcom came after he spoke out publicly against Japanese game development in general and his employer in particular. He told the New York Times, "I look around the Tokyo Game Show, and everyone's making awful games; Japan is at least five years behind." He also stated, "I want to make games that travel overseas, but Capcom hasn't taken globalization seriously."

Following his exodus from Capcom, Inafune set up two development houses: Comcept and Intercept. The latter was formed as a direct reaction to Inafune's opinion of the Japanese game industry, with an emphasis on original titles. The former is a more broadly defined entertainment company that handles the development and sales of games (including online and mobile titles), production, manufacturing, and sales of books, music, and video programming. Inafune is the president and CEO of both companies.

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