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Keanu Reeves Says No To John Wick Or Neo In The Mortal Kombat Games

If Reeves got to decide, he wouldn't allow John Wick or Neo to be in the Mortal Kombat games.


Actor Keanu Reeves has commented on the possibility of two of his most famous characters, Neo from The Matrix and John Wick from John Wick, joining the Mortal Kombat fighting game universe. Speaking to Esquire, Reeves said he's not on board with the idea.

"If it was up to me? No. Mortal Kombat is awesome in so many ways, but I think... you know, Neo, John Wick, they're doing their own thing. Mortal Kombat is doing their own thing," he said.

Mortal Kombat and The Matrix, as well as developer NetherRealm, are all owned by Warner Bros., so this type of crossover certainly seems plausible. But the John Wick series is owned by Lionsgate. That's not to say a crossover couldn't happen, though, and NetherRealm head Ed Boon has even talked about adding John Wick and Neo to Mortal Kombat.

As spotted by Eurogamer, Boon previously talked about how he wanted both Neo and John Wick to appear in Mortal Kombat 11, but it never happened. Boon told Game Informer in 2019 that NetherRealm was "pretty close" to bringing Neo to Injustice 2, but that deal never materialized either.

The next Matrix movie, Matrix: Resurrections, releases in December in theaters and on HBO Max, while John Wick 4 is slated to arrive in May 2022.

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