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Kate Upton Ads Boost Game of War Revenue to $1 Million Daily

Those commercials you see all the time have had a major effect.


If you watch any TV or online videos, odds are that you've seen one of the many advertisements for Game of War: Fire Age featuring Kate Upton. Those ads would appear to be a massive success, as the game now generates daily revenue of about $1 million, according to the LA Times.

The ads, featuring a Game of Thrones-y vibe and Kate Upton in a variety of low-cut outfits doing things like riding a horse or taking a bath, first showed up in November. They've since gone on to be aired more than 9,000 times, often during sporting events (as with the Super Bowl ad above) and other programming with heavy male viewership.

According to developer Machine Zone, the free-to-play game's in-app purchases--which range in price up to $100--have doubled since the advertising campaign started. This has come at a cost, as ad-tracking firm estimates the airtime's price as $80 million.

Still, they've helped Game of War to stand out on the extremely crowded iOS and Google Play app stores, and to take hold of the second spot on the iOS App Store's chart for highest grossing games. It even topped Clash of Clans at one point to take the top spot, according to AppShopper, making it the only other game that can claim that recently.

Game of War is a multiplayer strategy game that plays similarly to Clash of Clans, allowing you to build an empire, team up with friends, and battle against other players. It was originally released back in July 2013.

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