Katamari, Medal of Honor demos drop, roll

Sampler for Namco Bandai's quirky puzzler now available on Xbox Live; peek at EA's latest WWII shooter hit for PC and 360 next week.


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In case it isn't painfully obvious by now, the last half of this year is replete with high-quality, big-budget games. Because the majority of people buying those games operate under a limited budget, publishers have had to step up their efforts to grab a piece of the holiday pie. Naturally, that translates to good news for gamers, as a flurry of demos has hit numerous gaming platforms in the past few months.

Today, two more demos have been added to the growing pile. Namco Bandai has rolled up Beautiful Katamari into a nice, neat package, and it's now available on Xbox Live. Clocking in at 432MB, the demo gives players a taste of Katamari's unique style of gameplay as they take control of the Prince of All Cosmos to roll up whatever objects lie in his path. The full version of Beautiful Katamari will be available for the Xbox 360 this fall. It has not yet been rated.

On August 23, a sampler for EA's Medal of Honor: Airborne will land on Xbox Live and PCs. In order to execute Operation Husky, players will go behind enemy lines to sabotage four antiaircraft guns, wreck a brigade of German troops, and then assassinate an enemy German commander. The PC demo will be available through the official Medal of Honor Web site. Players can check out all of what MOH: Airborne has to offer on September 4 for the Xbox 360 and PC, and then in November for the PlayStation 3. It is rated T for Teen.

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