Katamari Forever rolling onto US PS3s

Namco Bandai confirms Sony-console exclusive installment in Keita Takahashi's quirky puzzler will see release in North America; release window undefined.


In 2007, Namco Bandai reneged on plans to bring Beautiful Katamari to the PlayStation 3, delivering acclaimed designer Keita Takahashi's quirky puzzler as an Xbox 360 exclusive instead. In March, the publisher revealed plans to make amends to Sony-supporting gamers, giving the first details of the PlayStation 3-exclusive Katamari Damacy Tribute to Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. However, at the time, Namco Bandai was unwilling to confirm the game's release outside of Japan.

This jar is likely a metaphor for...something.
This jar is likely a metaphor for...something.

That changed today when Namco Bandai officially announced the PS3 exclusive for North America, rebranding the game Katamari Forever. Namco Bandai did not reveal a release window for Katamari Forever, though Famitsu's report pegged it for a 2009 release in Japan.

As previously noted, Katamari Forever will stick closely to the gameplay formula established in previous franchise installments, with the Prince once again rolling found objects into his katamari--or snowball-like matter amalgamator--to save the King of All Cosmos. Namco Bandai notes that Katamari Forever will have the largest selection of stages, modes, and songs of any game in the series, with a new storyline, visual effects, and graphics in 1080p resolution also party to the proceedings.

Music will again be featured prominently in Katamari Forever, and Namco Bandai confirmed that a number of classic Katamari Damacy tunes have been remixed for this most recent installment. The game will also support local multiplayer for up to two people.

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