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Katamari Creator's New Game, Wattam, Gets Release Date And New Trailer

Reunite with your best buds.


Wattam, the latest game from Katamari Damacy director Keita Takahashi, has finally set a release date. It will come to PS4 and PC via the Epic Game Store on December 17. It is also planned for release on Steam, but that storefront has not updated with a release date yet. The game will cost $20, but it's offering a pre-order discount of 15%.

The release date trailer shows a cute art style reminiscent of the one found in the Katamari games and Takahashi's follow-up, Noby Noby Boy. In Wattam, you play as a lonely little character named Mayor who has lost his memories and his friends. The game revolves around him reuniting with his friends and finding the joy in exploring together, as he builds stacks and chains with the colorful cast of characters. The announcement promises a cast of 100 characters to interact with.

Wattam has been a long time coming, having first debuted at E3 2015. Takahashi's last major release was Noby Noby Boy, which was similarly about building connections with other characters--albeit in an experimental, online way.

"I think each game has different themes," he said in an interview on the PlayStation Blog. "I just have been wanting to make something new and fun, and that is more important than the themes."

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