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Karna Builds a Better Mouse

Two versions of the Karna Boomslang Razer gaming mouse are now available for purchase.


Karna has announced that its new USB gaming mouse, the Razer Boomslang, is now available for purchase in two separate models. The Razer Boomslang has been developed specifically for first-person/third-person 3D shooters and incorporates technology that lets the mouse update at a faster rate than traditional mice.

"The Razer Boomslang is so fast, you're almost unnecessary," claims general manager for the Razer Robert Krakoff. "The speed and precision of the Boomslang sends its users to the top of the gaming food chain - the only place to be."

The two Razer models, the Boomslang 1000 and the Boomslang 2000, update at 1000dpi and 2000dpi respectively - up to five times the rate of a normal mouse. This translates to smoother transition between frames while using the free-look option in 3D games and, supposedly, a higher frame rate, as well.

The 1000 model retails for US$69.99, while the faster 2000 costs about $30 more. Both Boomslang models are available today and come bundled with your choice of either a full copy of Battlezone II or an OEM demo of Soldier of Fortune. Orders can be placed at Karna's web site.

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