Karma: Operation Barbarossa Impressions - Overview

We get a brief look at this free-to-play alternate-history online shooter at E3 2009.


Karma: Operation Barbarossa

Karma: Operation Barbarossa is just one of the many games at E3 2009. The free-to-play shooter takes place in an alternate-history version of World War II that extended into the 1950s. According to the game, the Axis forces have taken over all of Europe and are at war with the remaining American forces. We saw very little of the game in a brief gameplay trailer but have some idea of what to expect.

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Who's Making This Game: The game is being developed by Asian studio Dragonfly for NHN USA's Ijji.com online game service.

What The Game Looks Like: The game looks like a World War II first-person shooter.

What There Is To Do: You choose to play as either a German soldier or a Russian soldier and square off in multiplayer team-based matches.

How The Game Is Played: There are four different character classes: assault, support, sniper, and heavy weapons specialist. The game will offer a handful of different play modes, such as escort missions and Team Deathmatch.

What They Say: Karma will be a free-to-play World War II-themed online shooter with a "cash-op" microtransation store that sells convenience items, but not any weapons or other stuff that will make one player more powerful than another.

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What We Say: Graphically, Karma looks pretty solid for a free game, though there have been so many World War II shooters for the PC over the years that hopefully the zero price tag will be enticing enough to help shooter fans get past the WWII fatigue. Ijji.com apparently plans to launch the game this year.

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