Karaoke Revolution E3 2003 Preshow Report

Konami’s new rhythm game will have you singing along with the music.


Karaoke Revolution (2003)

Having already created rhythm games based on dancing, drumming, DJing, playing the guitar and playing the piano, Konami now turns its attention to the most fundamental musical instrument, the human voice, with Karaoke Revolution.

As is implied by the name, Karaoke Revolution will challenge you to keep the beat and sing along with the music. Utilizing Sony’s USB headset, the same one included with the online shooter SOCOM, the game will judge you based on how closely you are able to match the original pitch and rhythm of the songs as they are played. Though at this time Konami has not released a final artist list for the game, it’s said that Jennifer Love Hewitt may have a song in Karaoke Revolution, and that the soundtrack will feature a wide catalog of music including such genres as rock, dance, pop, and R&B. The game will feature three different modes of play; showtime, arcade, and karaoke. The showtime mode will play as sort of a story mode, where you’ll take on the persona of an aspiring pop singer trying to “make it”, starting off singing in clubs and working your way up from there. There’s currently no specific information on the arcade and karaoke modes, though if the game is to follow the same formula as previous Konami rhythm games, the arcade mode will likely have you play through a short series of songs of your choice, with a predetermined level of success necessary to advance to the next song.

Karaoke Revolution is being developed by Harmonix, the creators of Frequency and Amplitude for the PlayStation 2, both of which are considered to be groundbreaking, original games within the rhythm genre. Considering the rather unique premise of the game, it will be interesting to see what Harmonix is able to do with it. Karaoke Revolution is currently scheduled for a November 2003 release on the PlayStation 2.

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