Kane & Lynch catch PS3 in Crossfire

Two Eidos titles now coming to Sony's console; former set for "pre-Christmas" multiplatform release, latter due in "early 2008."


Today in the UK, SCi Entertainment laid out a new strategy. In a note sent to the London Stock Exchange, the previously PlayStation 3-adverse publisher said that it will attempt to launch games "simultaneously on all platforms." According to a US rep for SCi subsidiary Eidos Interactive, the move is so that the company will "benefit from the long term revenue potential, versus shipping different platforms on different occasions."

"Aw, man! You know this is going to start a fanboy flamewar!"

To that end, SCi--which publishes games in North America under the Eidos imprint--is now bringing two of its upcoming titles to the PS3. The first is the third-person shooter Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, from the Hitman makers at Io Interactive. Previously announced for the PC and Xbox 360, the game will now also arrive on the PS3, with all three editions set for a simultaneous "pre-Christmas 2007" launch in the US and Europe.

Another Eidos PC and Xbox 360 title, Crossfire, will also now ship for the PS3. Due in "early 2008" in the US and UK, the first-person shooter is being developed by Pivotal Games (Conflict: Global Terror), and will center on a pair of government agents on a mission in enemy territory. Like in Kane & Lynch, co-op gameplay will play a prominent role.

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