Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days due in 2010

Square Enix confirms Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC sequel to 2007's Dead Men will be set in the Shanghai underworld.


IO Interactive's Kane & Lynch: Dead Men introduced the world to the titular duo in a violent third-person shooter that received a lukewarm reception from critics. That was never going to be the last gamers saw of the pair, as Lionsgate landed the rights to bring Kane & Lynch to the big screen even before the original game launched. (Bruce Willis has since reportedly signed on to play Kane.)

It's hard keeping a dead man down.
It's hard keeping a dead man down.

Now a follow-up to Dead Men is on the way, as Square Enix, the new owner of publisher Eidos, today announced Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. Set for release next year, Dog Days is being developed by IO Interactive, the Danish studio behind the first title, as well as the recent Mini Ninjas, the cult favorite Freedom Fighters, and the long-running Hitman series. The sequel will see Kane and Lynch heading to China and getting tangled up in the Shanghai underworld.

According to Square Enix, Dog Days will include new Fragile Alliance modes, expanding on the multiplayer mode from the first game where players had to work together but at any moment could go rogue and steal loot from teammates. Details were fuzzy beyond that, with the publisher touting a new visual style inspired by documentary films and "the user-generated [content] era."

Kayne & Lynch: Dog Days will be coming to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in 2010. No rating information is yet available for the game, although its predecessor was rated 18 by the BBFC and M for Mature by the ESRB.

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Stupid IO when are they gonna make a new freedom fighters game. That game was way better than this.

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Gamespot, please do not review this game. Your reviewers, while not as good as the ones you had years ago, are decent and none of them should lose their job. Especially when they are doing their job, and helping your user base by advising them to not play a turd of a game. Thank you for your consideration.

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Let's see what Square Enix can do with this title. How knows maybe it'll turn out way better than the orginal.

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Hope it's not as rubbish as the first one and if it is hope the reviewer keep's their job.

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meh. except, have we decided who's gonna review this this time around?

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Why make a sequel to a craptastic game like Kane and Lynch?

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@melty3219. Hahaha, you beat me to the comment. I was going to say the same thing. But, if they do get fired, we'll get another gaming site. (Like Giantbomb). ha

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so who is going to get fired for reviewing this game?

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I swear that I will not buy the game, for Jeff's sake.

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so when someone from gamespot review this will they lose thier job too? -.-

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"Can't they make another Hitman or Freedom Fighters instead?" Also, ^this^.

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I wonder who GS will fire for giving this one a bad review...

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i got as far as the part with the guy you have to shoot in the jcb which i tried a million times and that killed my interest completley. i agree with most of the comments make the next hitman game please.

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Kane and Lynch was so terrible I'm not buying it even if they do make vast improvements. IO need to get back to making hitman and drop this dead donkey of a game, but what Squee wants Squee gets.

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hated the first game and will def not be getting this title!!

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I liked Kane and Lynch. It wasn't GOTY, but it was fun. it just kind of had a stupid plot towards the end. And this is coming from someone who played it on PC and therefore never experienced the multiplayer because it was broken.

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Can't they make another Hitman or Freedom Fighters instead?

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Can I get the obligatory, "Is Gerstmann reviewing it?" out of the way. Thanks. I needed that.

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The original indirectly killed gamespot...

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ooo, whos gonna get fired this time?

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Even if this game sucks, someone needs to make a good co-op heist game... Who didn't wish that GTAIV mission wasn't co-op? haha

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why would they make a second game first was 2 much garbage

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Hmm never played the first game totally...

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Does Kane have a glass right eye? If so, why is he holding the scope up to it?

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the first one never inspired me. this one might, but I'm not hopeful.

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Kane & Lynch might not have been a hit but it certainly bent a lot of gaming conventions. On the fact that it tried something new, Kane & Lynch is a winner in my book.

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can't wait for 2010!!!!!