Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days due in 2010

Square Enix confirms Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC sequel to 2007's Dead Men will be set in the Shanghai underworld.


IO Interactive's Kane & Lynch: Dead Men introduced the world to the titular duo in a violent third-person shooter that received a lukewarm reception from critics. That was never going to be the last gamers saw of the pair, as Lionsgate landed the rights to bring Kane & Lynch to the big screen even before the original game launched. (Bruce Willis has since reportedly signed on to play Kane.)

It's hard keeping a dead man down.
It's hard keeping a dead man down.

Now a follow-up to Dead Men is on the way, as Square Enix, the new owner of publisher Eidos, today announced Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. Set for release next year, Dog Days is being developed by IO Interactive, the Danish studio behind the first title, as well as the recent Mini Ninjas, the cult favorite Freedom Fighters, and the long-running Hitman series. The sequel will see Kane and Lynch heading to China and getting tangled up in the Shanghai underworld.

According to Square Enix, Dog Days will include new Fragile Alliance modes, expanding on the multiplayer mode from the first game where players had to work together but at any moment could go rogue and steal loot from teammates. Details were fuzzy beyond that, with the publisher touting a new visual style inspired by documentary films and "the user-generated [content] era."

Kayne & Lynch: Dog Days will be coming to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in 2010. No rating information is yet available for the game, although its predecessor was rated 18 by the BBFC and M for Mature by the ESRB.

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Yay, loved the first really.

Avatar image for MuddVader

I loved playing the first one, co-op, even though there were a couple bugs. Hopefully this one improves upon the old one in alot of ways.

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I can't wait for Jeff Gerstmann's review...... oh wait......

Avatar image for im-a-roustabout

Hopefully no gamespot writers will get fired this time around if they give it a bad review.....

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the first was cool it just had so-so graphics and a handful of glitches

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I hope gerstmann gives it a bad score, and what will gamespot do about it this time? Fire him?

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I cannot wait to watch the glowing video review for this game. KvO will be sweating bullets and talking through his teeth about how "great" this game is while all the GS suits are sitting behind the camera whispering in each other's ears and jotting notes on their respective notebooks.

Avatar image for Fumanchu2

I hope the make McShea review this. I don't like that guy.

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@ payne6705: Exactly what I was going to say, curse you! The original was as generic as they come, so short of a huge overhaul, I doubt I'll look twice at this.

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great news! loved the first one!

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hmm I wonder which gamespot writer will be fired for their review of this game in 2010?

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The best thing that came out of the Kane and lynch BS was giantbomb.com

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This is good, the first was decent even with its flaws hopefully if it fixes the flaws then it should be great

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Bah.... vgchartz says the original sold around 1.4m copies of the game. That probably means it made a profit.... THIS is why ppl shouldn't fall for the hype and buy bad games. Then they make SEQUELS.

Avatar image for Waldkrieger

This could be good as the first game was fun despite some of it's flaws. If they improve on a few things then it could turn out good.

Avatar image for Obliterati

I predict whichever hapless Gamespot reviewer that gets assigned this game will give it a score of eleventy bazillion infinities But who knows? Maybe Square Enix will be less jerkish than Eidos was...and maybe, if we're really lucky, the game won't actually suck this time around.

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lol wonder who will get fired this time?

Avatar image for XDreadLordX22

I liked the first one and I thought it was a good game. I don't understand why everybody else hates it. Then again maybe I liked because I gave my friend Army of Two for it.

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can't say I'm too excited about this

Avatar image for mutual-assassin

@vassago_: If the game sells well then the review scores become irrelevant. Sales is the main factor for making sequels.

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im still wondering how you guys found the first THAT bad.. it had it's crappiness but overall i enjoyed the action and the shooting.

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Gamespot editors, start dusting off your resumes O_O

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First game was bad and averaged 5-6.0 reviews? WHY make a sequel?...

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i know Jeff Gerstmann now. he always gives games a low score. he gave death by degree a 5 (one of my favorite games on ps2)

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Didnt care about the first till someone got fired. Don't care about a sequal, and hopes no one else gets fired.

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cant wait for k&l 2... and people.. just get over with the whole fatman thing

Avatar image for _AxisofEvil_

game is only fun in coop. and you have to find someone willing to play with you. rental? maybe. lent? sure ill play it once

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Kane & Lynch 2? Rather have a Freedom Fighters 2

Avatar image for bobbysbits

do not review this gamespot.

Avatar image for scorpion_great

well the first game was really good and intense, the last couple of missions were repetitive but still this game does not deserve anything lower then 7.

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seriously hope this is better than the first and that no one gets fired for reviewing this one

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never got to play the first one. i`ll be sure to give this one a try

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For the people who dont know, Jeff Gerstmann was a long-time reviewer who got fired for giving the original Kane and Lynch a 3.5. This was at a time when Eidos was heavily advertising the game on Gamespot. After Jeff was fired, his review was edited (neutering it in the process) and given a 6. While I didnt always agree with Jeff's reviews (for example, he gave Tony Hawk 3 a 10) he was a decent reviewer and didnt deserve to lose his job. He was doing his job and trying to warn us to stay away from a bad game. He is now the owner of GiantBomb.com.

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hope nobody else gets fired.....but then again giantbomb rules

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Dammit, I want Hitman!

Avatar image for mcnoggle

Who was Jeff? Why did he get the sack?

Avatar image for mcnoggle

Who was jeff?

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I hope it's better than the first game

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I guarantee this game gets a good score. No gamespot reviewer is gonna risk getting fired over this game. Thats the nature of gamespot lately. I still remember the review from the first game and how reviewers are reviewing games now (look at the high score of MW2 on pc). No reviewer will risk it. Here comes a 8.5/10 score atleast when this releases. Money wins over doing the right thing.

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WHY? Who on earth actually liked the first one? Why not make a sequel to Shaq-FU while they're at it?!?!

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if anyone does review this and loses thier job i hope its Tom Mc Shea he make a decent review to save his life!

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He got fired for giving a poor game a poor review. Eidos had payed for advertising on the site I believe and they weren't happy.

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i wonder which reviewer they will fire this time for saying the truth. i bet the staff at gamespot are dreading their superior saying to them "oh hi, can you review kane and lynch 2 please." WE LOVE YOU JEFF!

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I want another Hitman game damnit! :(

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Might be ok, the first was mediocore, but hopefully this might be a little better. Looking forward to it actually.

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and if its anything like the first game is anyone (im certainly not) interested, lets be fair the first game stank, a poor mans getaway is alomst a compliment, I suppose after the 2nd (first one was pants) 50p game this could turn out to be amazing but I wont hold my breath !

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I was looking forward to the first one at first...glad I didn't buy it...perhaps this one will be a good game...perhaps....

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@RossRichard Wow.... well said....

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why did he get fired