Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days due in 2010

Square Enix confirms Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC sequel to 2007's Dead Men will be set in the Shanghai underworld.


IO Interactive's Kane & Lynch: Dead Men introduced the world to the titular duo in a violent third-person shooter that received a lukewarm reception from critics. That was never going to be the last gamers saw of the pair, as Lionsgate landed the rights to bring Kane & Lynch to the big screen even before the original game launched. (Bruce Willis has since reportedly signed on to play Kane.)

It's hard keeping a dead man down.
It's hard keeping a dead man down.

Now a follow-up to Dead Men is on the way, as Square Enix, the new owner of publisher Eidos, today announced Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. Set for release next year, Dog Days is being developed by IO Interactive, the Danish studio behind the first title, as well as the recent Mini Ninjas, the cult favorite Freedom Fighters, and the long-running Hitman series. The sequel will see Kane and Lynch heading to China and getting tangled up in the Shanghai underworld.

According to Square Enix, Dog Days will include new Fragile Alliance modes, expanding on the multiplayer mode from the first game where players had to work together but at any moment could go rogue and steal loot from teammates. Details were fuzzy beyond that, with the publisher touting a new visual style inspired by documentary films and "the user-generated [content] era."

Kayne & Lynch: Dog Days will be coming to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in 2010. No rating information is yet available for the game, although its predecessor was rated 18 by the BBFC and M for Mature by the ESRB.

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No one's gonna get fired... better not. Anyways Kane & Lynch Dead Men I thought was... mediocre and way too much F words =/ but besides liking the game's music(Jesper Kyd is one of the best) just something about it I liked when I was playin it. Anyways I too would REALLY love IO-Interactive to create a new Freedom Fighters, then bring out a new Hitman =P

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Will not buy the second one either. The first one was average, jeff did it a service to give it above a 5.0...everything about it was just ehhhh... Anyways, thank you K&L1, you gave us Giantbomb. I really don't know how you could top that with the sequel.

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I feel sorry for the poor sucker who has to review this.... I'm not on about the whole Jeff being fired issue. I mean the first game was beyond poor, I think it could as worse as reviewing Haze 2 or Lair 2 lol

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More bank robbing please and thank you :D

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God bless Kane and Lynch. Without it I wouldn't have Giant Bomb.

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Not only did Gamespot lose one of it's best reviewers with their big K&L blunder, but Jeff's leaving caused a chain reaction of 5 other top staff members on this site to leave: Alex Navarro, Ryan Davis, Brad Shoemaker, Vinny Caravella and Frank Povo. Gamespot has never been the same since... So yeah, this franchise carries alot of baggage around these parts.

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This is how it's all gonna go down: (1) Kevin gives Kane & Lynch 2 a "lukewarm" review, (2) Kevin gets fired, (3) Kevin joins up with Jeff, (4) Epic Persona 5 Endurance Run. Believe it.

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look personally i loved the first one because im not a picky person i dont care about graphics , sound all that stuff crtics go on about but i think this one will be better because they will listen to what people thought was bad about the first one and improve on them

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i loved the 1st game. yeah it was flawed and rough round the edges. but if you see past that the game was a blast

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I think after that whole Gertsman fiasco I lost major respect for gamespot. The game was broken and poorly designed and Jeff only spoke the truth. Sucks that he was the only person to not sell out on this site. That game sucked.

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Whos going to take one for the team and review this one?

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Hopefully this game won't get another Gamespot worker fired.

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Let's hope GameSpot won't support a full-site ad campaign for it this time around.

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this is gonna be more better game - the first was great

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I liked when he said mods.

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Didnt really like the first one very much prolly a rental.

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Sweet frickin AWESOME. Loved the first game. As of now, I'm very excited for the sequel. ^_^

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Way to open a massive can of worms there, GameSpot. Smoooth very smooth.

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That's great news. The first game was a blast.

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I'll pass... hated the first game. Jeff was just stating his opinion of the game... no need to bash HIM for HIS opinion. He gave positive and negative FACTS about the game which is as much as a reviewer can do.

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I wonder who will get fired this time for giving it a low score. Gamespot really lost a lot of respect that day...

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Wonder who's getting fired this time around?

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Let's face it Jeff was the worst reviewer on the site. This game was a blessing to get him fired. Need proof? How about him saying that the concept for MGS was crap(a movie game won't work) or him giving MK vs DC a perfect score on his new site...... His video review was a JOKE. you would think the game got a 1.0 by the way he talked about it

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God help whoever among the GS staff reviews this game... Anywhoo i'm honestly excited to learn more, I thought the original K&L was a decent game but was definatley held back with a huge array of flaws. It had what could of been a brilliant game nestled in there, heres hoping the sequel can dig it up.

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As much as I love Hitman (have them all) I would really enjoy a new Freedom Fighters game.

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Im happy they are continuing this. This gives the game a new chance and a new light. Take a look at Zone of the Enders. THe first one was good. After a few years, its seque, then 2nd runner, was many times better then the first.

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@SUMMONO you read my mind :D

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Uh-oh, another Kane % Lynch = purge of the Gamespot reviewing staff XD

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hopefully no one will be kicked out after they review this game.

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Nope I know what happen last time why even make another one if the last one suck..

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Yeah, yeah that's great but where is Hitman 5

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Kane & Lynch is a stellar concept executed horribly wrong. The original game was plagued with bugs, shoddy graphics and textures, as well as poor gameplay mechanics... but the story was there, although not told well. So long as IO Interactive can learn from their mistakes, this sequel (along with new management) may help this franchise gain some credibility.

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Make a new friggin Hitman already!

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Great. We can expect a full replacement of the current staff when this next game comes out. Kevin is going to give it a bad review and get canned.

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this game is swell on sells I say it's a great game the first one anyways.. my neighbor just bought it, I'm gonna check it out

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the first was an alright game hopefully with the experience and feedback they got from the first they will make a real winner

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I thought the first was great and if it had more time, would have been a Classic, also the game that got the sack for one of Gamespot's best ever presenters " Ever ", Period! The follow up well be every thing the first should have been. I think if the gamer/ public give them space to get this one tight in every area, then no doubt, this will be a Classic. Nice to hear.

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It'll get a 10...watch...

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Hell yeah i loved the first one and i would love to play this one as well.

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Screw this. I want another Hitman game to come out!

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Shortest straw for gamespot editors! .... Muhahahahahahaha! :D

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one of the most underated games i saw. loved it from the beginning to the end. amazing story line. great characters. you actually get to play with scambag... i dont remember enother game where you actually got atached this much to the characters you play with. for some reason, this K&L got very low score on gamespot.

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I hope this time you don't need a buddy to play as Lynch.

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In Gamespot's defense, Gerstmann hated every game he did video reviews for. Even if it got a good score, he did nothing but complain about the game. I'm sure it was done so he could appear 'edgy' but that is probably what lead to him getting fired. The Kane and Lynch review was just the last straw.

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loved the first def an underrated gam e will def be getting the 2nd.

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the only thing i liked about the original was the theme/storyline it had. the gameplay was really boring.

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cool i guess i played a little of the first one it seemed pretty good