Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days due in 2010

Square Enix confirms Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC sequel to 2007's Dead Men will be set in the Shanghai underworld.


IO Interactive's Kane & Lynch: Dead Men introduced the world to the titular duo in a violent third-person shooter that received a lukewarm reception from critics. That was never going to be the last gamers saw of the pair, as Lionsgate landed the rights to bring Kane & Lynch to the big screen even before the original game launched. (Bruce Willis has since reportedly signed on to play Kane.)

It's hard keeping a dead man down.
It's hard keeping a dead man down.

Now a follow-up to Dead Men is on the way, as Square Enix, the new owner of publisher Eidos, today announced Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. Set for release next year, Dog Days is being developed by IO Interactive, the Danish studio behind the first title, as well as the recent Mini Ninjas, the cult favorite Freedom Fighters, and the long-running Hitman series. The sequel will see Kane and Lynch heading to China and getting tangled up in the Shanghai underworld.

According to Square Enix, Dog Days will include new Fragile Alliance modes, expanding on the multiplayer mode from the first game where players had to work together but at any moment could go rogue and steal loot from teammates. Details were fuzzy beyond that, with the publisher touting a new visual style inspired by documentary films and "the user-generated [content] era."

Kayne & Lynch: Dog Days will be coming to the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC in 2010. No rating information is yet available for the game, although its predecessor was rated 18 by the BBFC and M for Mature by the ESRB.

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O boy :D

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dont tell me this is coming out before hitman5 *sigh. in any case i hope theres some easter eggs in here referring to hitman like hitman-bm had easter eggs in the news paper about K&L, that would be pretty funny. i still might consider picking this up tho. the 1st was pretty fun.

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SE workin on the new kane and lynch no way!

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Why do people always complain about the bullet accuracy in this game? They were very obviously aiming for realistic violence when they made this game, and in reality, guns--especially hand-guns--are not very accurate. For example, on November 1st, 1950, there was an assassination attempt on the President of the United States at the Blair House on Pennsylvania Avenue, which led to a shoot-out. Twenty-seven shots were fired, yet only two men were killed and three were wounded. That's the reality of gun fights, and the developers of Kane & Lynch were aiming for just that. Additionally, as your gun shots aren't very accurate, neither are your enemies', so the game-play is very balanced (which is truly all that matters). There have been games in the past that made the player's accuracy realistic, but the enemy A.I. never misses, and those games never recieved any complaints ***COUGH***Splinter Cell***COUGH***

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@ Worm - K&L brought absolutely ZERO innovation to the genre. Firing control felt odd and the AI was horrendous. That is why I don't like it - not because of some fatass ex-editor. Case in point, K&L's user rating: 3.9 Army of Two did what K&L did, but phenomenally better. User rating: 8.0. Kind of speaks for itself. While it certainly has it's issues, AoT did a much better job at the mechanic that K&L was trying to use.

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Kane&Lynch = Good game. I enjoyed the campaign in K&L more than i enjoyed the campaign modes in Gears1 or Gears2., plus the multiplayer was a breath of fresh air and a blast. it makes me smile to read the posts by the Jeff.G fanboys saying how terrible it was.... but.....they still love him and you cant choose who you love, better go and review a game you never played and give it a 1.0 cause of that love eh.... thatll show em. @vassago_ Posted Nov 19, 2009 7:03 pm GMT "It wasn't a good game. It's sad that just because a lot of saps bought it, they're making a sequel. Lets hope it's better than the first" -------------------------------------------------------------- Well people like different games dont they.... i bought K&L and enjoyed it.. does that make me a sap? no. I did buy Forza3 for multiplayer racing... now that purchase DOES make me a sap.

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I wonder which staff member GS will fire this time for an unfavorable review of this game. XD

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I love the first one... lynch always hillarious

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Whoever reviews this just better make sure the game scores more than 6.0!

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i liked the trailers for the original game and was looking forward to getting it untill i saw the gamespot review and i lost all interest on the game,yip gamespot cost interactive 1 extra sale, nyhow the game is now very cheap so am get it just to decide if i get the sequel

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I actually liked the first, so this is cool. Though I probably won't buy it til it's in the $20-30 range. Hopefully the gunplay improves, though.

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alex navarro works for harmonix

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is alex navarro oon Giantbomb cause i saw him on TOS on Gamescom

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@mutual-assassin - I'm aware of that, but still. It wasn't a good game. It's sad that just because a lot of saps bought it, they're making a sequel. Lets hope it's better than the first.

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not interested the first game had the worst script ever but I will probably buy these years later for achievements and 1 single player story run

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@ pete merlin - oh yeah, I forgot about freedom fighters... that WAS a great game. Kane & Lynch... not so much

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With the first the idea was there but the execution was terrible, my fingers are crossed for the sequel, it would be a treat to see this game done right.

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I am all for a sequel. I liked the first game. It was off the chain. don't know why so many people bashed it. the story was really good and so were all the stages except for the last stage. It really didn't fit into the story that well.

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with square enix envolvement we should expect KANE and Lynch to use Black Magic and White Magic with Potions and crystals...

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Maybe with SE on board things will change?!??! Is this going to be the true spiritual successor to Freedom Fighters that we all hoped it would be?!?!?

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I just hope they fixed the shooting and weapon accuracy, that was the only thing I hated about the multiplayer is that it seemed the bullets would go around the person when you wanted to backstab somebody.

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I really liked the first game, the plot was not the best ever but the gameplay was fun and i might have a look at the sequel. Lets all agree it wasn't the best game ever, but it is far better than some of the generic / mass market rubbish that seems to do so well on review sites!

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You know after all the first one has done to cause grief to Gamespot's reputation, they'd just stop reporting on Kane & Lynch period.

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The first one had the ideas of greatness, so who knows maybe the second one will know what to do right this time around.

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Square Enix is involved in the creation of this game? Really...? And Jeff made a fair review of the first game. It really does seem like something terrible. I can't provide a fair opinion myself without playing it, I know; but from what I've heard, it seems like a terrible game

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rob_damage, you're on crack: "people who thought for themselves and actually played the first k&l really enjoyed the game and the adult storyline. cult hit's like k&l are awesome" First, this wasn't any kind of a hit. Not even "cult". Second, what are you - thirteen years old? I can think of no other reason you would call this an "adult storyline". It was the most juvenile piece of crap I've had the displeasure of playing in a long time. The F-word is fantastic, but throwing it out there non-stop doesn't turn a crap-game into a compelling piece of adult gaming.

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i haven't been more excited about a game, ever! p.s. please, leave your stupid jeff g. crap out of this. talk about beating a dead horse... people who thought for themselves and actually played the first k&l really enjoyed the game and the adult storyline. cult hit's like k&l are awesome, & i prefer them any day over AAA titles like modern warfare...

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Freedom Fighters > Kane and Lynch

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What's the point? The first one was dire.

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Not only did this site lose its best journalists, the site went down the pan imo.

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Someone got fired because the first game sucked? Well I'm out.

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Lets hope that any reviewer who reviews this game doesnt get fired because of this game this site lost 5 of its good reviewers and gave birth to giantbomb( which is a good thing). I also hope this game is what the orignal supposed to be that is a great game.

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i cant wait the first was so fun. btw dont be hating on k&l just cuz u lost ur dumb reviewer ya'll sound like little girls

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Kane & Lynch brings back so many memories...not the actual game but Jeff's review, and thank the made up that he did get fired because I would not have my awesome giantbomb if he didnt. Long live the great giantbomb.

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"I hate gamespot because of this game's prequel!!!" Yet you are here... commenting on this story... Obviously there is something you still like about gs.

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I actually liked the last one as a co-op story mode game it was a lot of fun, so as long as they keep that part I will ge this one for sure,

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yeah, what is up with Square Enix having K&L rights now? oh, and K&L was a huge let down, soooooo glitchy, thought it was gonna be another hitman series but it failed

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remember when K&L got a bad review on GameSpot and the reviewer got fired? after that, i completely lost interest in the game, not because of the review, but of what happened after.

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...Square Enix?

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Boo! Forget Kane & Lynch, time for a Freedom Fighters sequel.

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Something tells me this one will get a 35 on Gamespots 1-10 scale, just to be safe XD

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Man, I remember the whole Jeff thing from back then. I totally didn't agree with his review but I respected his right to his whole opinion. That whole conspiracy thing that happened right afterwards was just nuts. Anyway, back to the topic at hand. My opinion: I enjoyed the first game to an extent. As I bought it on the PS3 the online multiplayer was next to dead most times but I did get about 70 good games in and the whole anyone could go traitor thing was a work of genius. Only problem I had was that I was always the nice guy, helping everyone get out of jams....and then getting shot in the back mere seconds before the finish line lol. The single player/ co-op campaign I enjoyed playing. Most missions were pretty epic, a few boring ones but fun nonetheless. A few too many F-bombs in the story but the story was still more compelling than most movies these days. I'll definitely pick up this sequel when it comes out.

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"Gamespot is kinda like Winamp after AOL bought them out. But, on the flipside, GiantBomb is like Digg after G4 bought TechTV: filled with arrogant sycophants." That's exactly how I feel about it too (and GS as well). I want to like Giantbomb and if everyone could just get over themselves I probably would.

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Gamespot is kinda like Winamp after AOL bought them out. But, on the flipside, GiantBomb is like Digg after G4 bought TechTV: filled with arrogant sycophants.

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@jomicbro actually, most people have jumped ship to giant bomb. This is personally the first time I've actually signed in here after awhile. I'm sorry but giant bomb IS what everyone thinks it is (awesome and full personality) and gamespot simply has not been the same since that crew and people like Rich Gallup and Alex Navarro left. I still respect gamespot, as it was not any of the editors fault that Jeff was fired (it was cnet's) and they are a great source for well-written news, but it just doesn't have the personality that it used to.

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though the first game didn't live up to my expectations I still enjoyed it, though there's tons of room for improvement that's for sure

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Kind of funny how saying that you liked the first game is tantamount to treason here at GS. Well, I liked it - it wasn't nearly as bad as everyone seems to want to think it was. I think the whole 'Jeff' thing has skewed everyone's ability to view a game based on its own merits. Kind of sad really. Oh and Giantbomb is not what everyone thinks it is either. If it was...you all wouldn't keep coming here.

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There making a second one! First game was horrible the shooting style, graphics i bought it played it and had in uninstalled in the same hour waste of my money