Kameo: Elements of Power E3 2005 Preshow Report

From GameCube, to Xbox, to Xbox 360--Kameo: Elements of Power has been around the block, but this time, it looks like it may actually come out.


Remember Kameo: Elements of Power? When we first laid eyes on it back in 2001, Kameo was a GameCube-exclusive game with Nintendo as its publisher. In 2002, Rare and Microsoft tied up, and Kameo was announced as the first Xbox game that would come from the new partnership. Years passed, and Kameo was shown in various states of completion as an Xbox game, until November of 2004, when the game was delayed to an unspecified date. The developer promised big changes, leading many to suspect what was recently made official: Kameo: Elements of Power is now on for the Xbox 360.

A very brief trailer revealed as part of MTV's big Xbox 360 unveiling shows that the game's colorful characters are still intact. Some general platforming is shown, as well as some horseback riding, which gets really impressive when the elfin princess, Kameo, is shown riding that horse through a gargantuan amount of on-screen opponents, sending them flying in the process. The game's hook was always that Kameo could morph into a variety of other creatures to handle different tasks, and that aspect of the game appears to still be intact, as a few different characters are shown in the brief clip, including what appeared to be Chilla the spiked gorilla. Also, it's easy to see that the environments have improved in the transition, particularly in the tall grass that's shown swaying around at one point in the clip, which looks reasonably good.

Graphically, the game looks like it's getting a fairly decent bump in quality, and the 360's strict requirements for HDTV support should help here, as well. No release date for Kameo has been officially announced at this time, but yes, it looks like the game may finally make its way to store shelves at some point. Stay tuned for more information.

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