K2 Network calls in APB - Report

Free-to-play online game operator said to have acquired Realtime Worlds' defunct online shooter for $2.4 million.



APB took a slug to the chest following the collapse of its developer, Realtime Worlds, but it appears as if the cops-and-robbers-themed online multiplayer shooter will be given a second life. GamesIndustry.biz reports today that K2 Network has acquired the APB intellectual property at a cost of £1.5 million ($2.4 million).

K2 Network appears to now own this town.
K2 Network appears to now own this town.

GI.biz's sources indicate that K2 Network intends to relaunch the game before the end of the year. The not-quite-massively multiplayer online shooter was taken offline by Realtime Worlds administration firm Begbies Traynor in September, following an anemic adoption of the tepidly received title. At its peak, APB drew in 130,000 players, with paying users spending on average $28 on the microtransaction-supported title.

K2 Network is perhaps best known for its free-to-play online game service GamersFirst. The service hosts a number of microtransaction-supported MMO role-playing games, including Knight Online, War Rock, and 9 Dragons. Much like Xbox Live, GamersFirst uses its own form of currency across all titles on the platform, with the base 400 credits pack costing $5.

The sale of APB ties up the last of Realtime Worlds' loose ends. The studio, which was founded in part by Grand Theft Auto creator Dave Jones, sold off its other major property, Project MyWorld, in September. Project MyWorld was reportedly acquired by Kimble Operations, which is headed by former Realtime Worlds chairman Ian Hetherington, whose other industry credits include cofounding Wipeout studio Psygnosis (now known as Sony's Studio Liverpool).

K2 Network declined to comment on the report.

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