Justice League's Ray Fisher Doubts Warner Bros. Leadership Capability

In a new interview, the actor speaks candidly about recent allegations he's made against the studio.


Actor Ray Fisher, perhaps best known for his role as Cyborg in the DC Extended Universe, who recently starred in the polarizing Snyder Cut of Justice League has once again spoken out about some harsh but cryptic accusations he's recently made about Warner Bros. executives. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Fisher says, "I don't believe some of these people are fit for leadership."

In the past, Fisher described abusive and racist behavior he and other cast members faced while on the set for the 2017 version of Justice League, after production was handed over from original director Zack Snyder to pinch hitter Joss Whedon, who finished the film. Speaking with THR, Fisher explains his trepidations and previous apparent fuzziness in his accusations: "I'm not looking to have any witnesses lose their jobs."

Fisher says before Whedon took over, Snyder and screenwriter Chris Terrio had many lengthy discussions about the importance of telling Cyborg's--the first Black superhero in the DC film universe--story correctly, a level of consideration that reportedly receded afterwards with Whedon. Instead, says Fisher, he found himself having "to explain some of the most basic points of what would be offensive to the Black community."

When Fisher took umbrage with the new direction the script was taking, he said Whedon was "dismissive," and that he similarly brushed off Gal Gadot and Jason Momoa. Last year, Momoa took to social media to offer his support to Fisher's public allegations. Fisher says he was mindful "that the film was overseen almost entirely by white executives and filmmakers," and felt his concerns weren't taken seriously by those higher-ups out of a "fear of losing their jobs."

"I don't want them excommunicated from Hollywood, but I don't think they should be in charge of the hiring and firing of other people." says Fisher.

In great detail, THR piece and Fisher outline what sounds like a hostile work environment on Whedon's Justice League--one that saw the director clashing with many of the film's stars and being largely disinterested in and shutting down any feedback.

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