Justice League Video Shows Cyborg's Origin Story

Ray Fisher explains what makes Cyborg so important to Justice League.


After appearing briefly in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Cyborg (Ray Fisher) is ready for his closeup in the upcoming movie Justice League. The character will join Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), and the rest of the team in saving the world in the film. Before that, though, Warner Bros.--the studio behind the movie--is giving a look at the character and his origin story.

In a new featurette, similar to one that featured Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Fisher provides some insight into who Cyborg is and his life as Victor Stone before becoming a half-man/half machine hybrid. "He's a college athlete, a quarterback for Gotham City," the actor says. "He was in an accident and was severely injured. To save his life, his father merged his body with advanced alien technology."

His new form makes him a particularly important component of the Justice League team. After all, based on the sound of it there's not really anything Cyborg can't do. "He's able to interface with any form of technology," the actor says. "He can transform his body into different weapons."

It's not just the Justice League that the character will shine in, though. As with the other members of the team, Cyborg is set for his own standalone movie. While production has yet to commence on the project, it was originally announced that the film would release in 2020--following the Aquaman and Shazam standalone films.

Before spinning off into his own adventure, though, Cyborg and the rest of the Justice League will have their hands full with Steppenwolf, the team-up movie's villain. Luckily, Fisher believes his character is up to the task.

"Cyborg is the perfect combination of the power of technology and the strength of the human heart," he says. "He's ready to help save the world."

Justice League is in theaters on November 17.

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