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Justice League "Release The Snyder Cut" Banners Flown Over San Diego Comic-Con

Is is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh, it's a plane.


It will soon be two years since the DC flop Justice League hit theaters, but some fans are still desperate to see the so-called "Snyder Cut" of the film. Director Zack Snyder left the movie during the production, and ever since then have been rumors that he turned in a superior version before his exit. Now some fans have taken their campaign to the skies during San Diego Comic-Con.

A small plane was spotted flying above the convention, trailing a banner behind it that reads "WB #ReleasetheSnyderCut of Justice League." According to The Hollywood Reporter, the plane and sign were hired from the San Diego company FlySigns by "a private citizen," and will have cost $1,170. It was also pictured and tweeted by THR's Patrick Shanley--check it out below:

The banner follows a series of "Snyder Cut" billboards and posters that were spotted around San Diego in the build-up to Comic-Con. Snyder left Justice League in May 2017, following a family tragedy. Although he had completed principal photography, Avengers director Joss Whedon was brought in to oversee extensive rewrites and reshoots, as well as post-production.

There have been many rumors that Snyder had screened a version of Justice League to Warner executives before his departure, but it's unclear in what state that cut was in. Snyder himself recently stated that "there is a cut," while last month storyboard artist Jay Olivia revealed there were "multiple cuts of Zack's film." But in any case, the movie is owned by Warner, and to date the studio has not commented on the issue.

The DC movie universe is absent from this year's SDCC. However, the studio's TV output features extensively, including panels focusing on The CW's range of DC shows, and an event showcasing some of DC Universe's upcoming series. Check out all the other San Diego Comic-Con news on GameSpot here.

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