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Justice League hits Nintendo portables

DC Comics' supergroup arrives this fall with a DS prequel to the console title and a GBA solo story featuring the Flash.


It was already known that Justice League Heroes was coming to save the day this fall, but today Eidos added two new members to its superheroic roster (no, not the Wonder Twins). Eidos has announced that it is working on Justice League Heroes for the Nintendo DS and Justice League Heroes: The Flash for the Game Boy Advance.

While it bears the same name as its console brethren, the DS game will actually be a prequel to those games and it will let players control Batman, Superman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman as they try to save the world from certain destruction. The game will feature stylus control, destructible environments, and heroic helpers like Aquaman and Green Arrow.

As for Justice League Heroes: The Flash, it naturally centers around the Fastest Man Alive, who will race through the game pummeling ne'er-do-wells, unlocking new combos, and slowing down time to get an advantage in battle. In keeping with the Justice League theme, Flash will be able to call in help from A-list heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and others.

Both games are being developed by teams with previous heroic experience on Nintendo's portables. Justice League Heroes on the DS is being handled by Sensory Sweep Studios, which worked on the DS version of Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. Justice League Heroes: The Flash is being developed by WayForward, which recently released X3: The Official Game on the GBA. Both games are due out alongside the console versions of Justice League Heroes this fall.

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