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Justice League Film's Out of This World Villain has been Revealed

A villain from the Fourth World is coming to the next blockbuster film.


The logo and synopsis for the upcoming Justice League film have been revealed, and now, the movie finally has a villain. Zack Snyder returns to direct the 2017 follow-up to Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and this upcoming movie will pit heroes against a force from another world: Steppenwolf.

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During a set visit, Collider revealed that not only will this film be delving into some iconic characters created by legendary writer and artist Jack Kirby, but it also will introduce more science-fiction concepts, straight out of the comics.

The villain was originally revealed in a deleted scene online, which features Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) seeing what many people speculated to be Steppenwolf. However, this is the first time the character was named. Snyder thought it would be a cool post-credit sequence but felt it would be a better idea to release it online instead. With Steppenwolf, comes more elements from the Fourth World, including Mother Boxes, which allow people to travel from Earth to Apokolips, the home of the new villain.

Producer Deborah Snyder discussed what makes these concepts a great focal point for the next film: "You know, Kirby's crazy in a great way, and there's a lot of influence, you know, kind of the New Gods stuff, and we were digging on that -- and that’s the Mother Boxes and that sort of Apokoliptian world and all that stuff. I mean, you can’t really do that stuff without some larger-than-life [influence]. But the kinda scope-y, sci-fi, what I think is fun stuff... I think you have to have a good threat that’s fun and kinda crazy. And the Mother Boxes are always fun DC weird tech, you know?"

The film will feature Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill, and Gal Gadot reprising their roles as Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. Justice League will also introduce Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Ezra Miller as The Flash, and Ray Fisher as Cyborg, all of which had cameos in Batman v. Superman.

Justice League hits theaters on November 17, 2017.

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