Justice League Box Office Tracking For Huge Opening Weekend

Fans are most excited to see Wonder Woman and Aquaman in Justice League.


With just a few weeks before Justice League hits theaters, tickets for the DC Comics superhero team-up movie have gone on sale. Thus far, the results are painting what could be a pretty impressive picture of the film's box office success.

As reported by Deadline, Justice League is currently looking at earning $110-$120 million in its opening weekend. That number would rank it above Wonder Woman, which opened to $103.2 million but below both Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad. While Batman v Superman scored $166 million during its first weekend, Suicide Squad racked up $133.6 million.

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Based on polls from Fandango, it's Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa) that are driving the most interest for the movie among fans, with 89% of Fandango users saying they're excited to revisit Diana Prince after the character's standalone movie earlier in 2017.

It's entirely possible that the projections for Justice League could rise in a week, following the release of Thor: Ragnarok. While the movies come from two different studios--Marvel for Thor, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment for Justice League--with two major superhero releases this close together, the earlier release could easily dominate the anticipation.

That said, projections are just that: projections. The actual number could also drop as the movie's debut grows closer. You can get an idea of what to expect in our Justice League review.

Production of the film has been well-documented. Though it is directed by Zack Snyder, it was announced in May that Avengers director Joss Whedon was brought in to helm reshoots and post production on the project. Whedon is also working on a Batgirl standalone movie.

Justice League arrives in theaters on November 17.

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We begin the history lesson with a meeting between Artemis (Queen of Themiscyra), Poseidon (King of Atlantis) and The Human King. They talk about an otherworldly evil that is destroying their lands and decide to team up to fight it. Zeus arrives to promise to lend a hand. Together, they march their armies to Steppenwolf, who is terraforming the planet. The scene cuts out right as the battle begins.

In present day, Bruce tries to recruit Arthur at Amnesty Bay. However, Arthur shuns him away. We get the sense that Arthur rejects responsibility.

In Paris, Wonder Woman stops an attack on a museum. She discovers that the gunmen are Parademons in disguise. They blow themselves up before WW can do anything.

In Metropolis, Lois finds herself unable to move on from Clark’s death. She still mourns and the world mourns with her. Crime is up and even Bruce can’t stop studying Superman and what he could’ve done to stop his death.

Diana arrives at Bruce’s hangar (there’s a little joke about Bruce’s world-class hangar security being cracked by Diana in seconds). She tells him about the Paris Museum attack (“Not coming, Bruce. It’s here”). They discover that these attacks are happening all over the world. Bruce knows that they must recruit the others soon.

Barry visits his father in prison and vows to find the true killer of his mother. Iris drives him home. In the car, she tells Barry to live his life and not drown himself in solving unsolvable crimes. When Barry reaches home, Bruce recruits him.

In a flashback, we see Victor Stone’s early life. He is a football star with a bright future until he gets caught up in the Smallville Battle in ‘Man of Steel’. He gets blown up during the fight and barely survives. His father uses the Mother-Box to revive him and makes him a Cyborg. At STAR Labs, Diana tries to recruit Cyborg but he says no. Cyborg wants to stay close to the only semblance of a human life that he has left – his father.

At Themiscyra, Steppenwolf arrives to get his Mother-Box back. Hippolyta and the Amazonians try to put up a fight but Steppenwolf tears them down. He takes the Mother-Box and leaves via his boom-tube.

Silas Stone is kidnapped by Parademons. Cyborg comes home to realize this as he sees the signs of struggle. He contacts Diana to get her help to bring his father back and tells her that he can sense his signal in a tunnel between Gotham and Metropolis.


WW and Cyborg meet Batman and Flash in the tunnel. They talk about what they are facing and how they should do it together. Meanwhile, Steppenwolf establishes contact with Darkseid and lets him know that they already have one Mother-Box and will soon have the others. (“No protectors here. No Lanterns. No Kryptonian”) The League fights Steppenwolf but are defeated very quickly.

Back at Amnesty Bay, Arthur saves a drowning man and carries him back ashore. This forces him to embrace some responsibility and he floats back down to Atlantis after chugging a beer.

Meanwhile, Steppenwolf attacks Atlantis. Mera and her forces are unable to stop him. He takes the second Mother-Box. Arthur arrives just in the nick of time to see Steppenwolf but is unable to stop him. This is the scene where he narrowly dodges the Steppenwolf-thrown axe.

Arthur confers with Mera and Vulko in the aftermath of the attack. Mera blames him for not being there to protect his homeland. Arthur reveals to Vulko that a man came looking for him and warning him of such a thing. Vulko tells Arthur to go and help that man defeat Steppenwolf. Arthur takes the Atlantean Armor and moves to the surface.

Meanwhile, the League arrives in the Batcave. Alfred is very surprised at seeing them. Bruce tells Barry that he needs to keep a level head during the fight. Having seen the Themiscyra Mother-Box in the possession of Steppenwolf, Diana fears for her mother’s safety.

After being alerted by Alfred, the entire league visits Gordon and he tells them that they’ve tracked Silas’ cellphone to Pripyat, Ukraine. Arthur joins them over here and they decide to take the fight to Steppenwolf.

Meanwhile at Arkham, Deathstroke breaks in and reaches Luthor’s cell – guarded by three female guards (trained by Batman himself). Deathstroke takes them out and breaks Luthor out of prison.

The League heads to Pripyat and gets ready for battle. Bruce asks them to stop holding back and give the fight their hundred percent. At Pripyat, the League fights Steppenwolf. This is where Steppenwolf realizes that Cyborg is the third Mother-Box and kills Silas in front of him to incite a reaction out of him. Cyborg is devastated and Steppenwolf tries to kidnap him, only to be stopped by Wonder Woman. Batman is forced to make the League retreat to avoid more collateral damage. The League makes a near getaway.

But as they leave, a LexCorp chopper lands at the scene. Luthor arrives at the scene and tells Steppenwolf that he can help him get an unbeatable monster and demands the body of Superman. The Parademons fly over to Smallville and begin robbing Clark’s grave. Martha sees this and tries to stop them but they beat her away and leave her injured.

Bruce and Alfred contemplate the complexity of their situation, reminiscing about simpler times. Cyborg retreats into himself to mourn the loss of his father despite Diana’s attempts to cheer him up a bit. Alfred lets Bruce know that Steppenwolf is heading towards the Kryptonian Ship.

Bruce tells the League that he has received a call from Martha saying that Clark’s grave has been robbed. Infuriated, Flash races there to single-handedly stop them from doing anything to Superman’s body. He fights the Parademons but they take him over.

At Hero’s Park, the rest of the League arrive but realize that Luthor has already immersed Clark’s body into the liquid. Luthor confronts Batman and reveals that this was his plan all along. During the Communion, Steppenwolf told him to kill the Kryptonian. Luthor agreed to comply and pitched another idea – to turn Superman evil. Luthor reveals that even called Deathstroke and arranged his escape because he knew that he was going to be arrested.

Superman is resurrected evil (black suit and mullet). However, he still retains his physical form because of the Codex running in his veins. He goes right after Bruce who is saved by Arthur at the last moment. Arthur fights Superman while Diana fights Steppenwolf. Superman beats down Arthur and Steppenwolf beats down Diana.

Flash tries to fight Steppenwolf but Superman intercepts him. He goes toe-to-toe and Superman is almost just as fast as the Flash. Then, Superman defeats Flash.

Superman returns to kill Bruce. Alfred arrives in the bat-plane with Martha and Lois. Bruce reveals that he anticipated what Luthor was up to and figured that only Superman’s family can bring him back. Martha and Lois call out to Superman (as he beats up Bruce) and after some attempts – they get through to him. Superman realizes what he has been doing and when the realization kicks in – he flies straight into space and disappears.

Steppenwolf and his men boom-tube away. Luthor is recaptured by Bruce. Diana tells Bruce that they must find Superman but Bruce knows that Superman will be back. He comforts Lois and Martha.


Cyborg arrives to tell them that he has figured out that Apokolips is just a hell-like mirror version of Earth - with red skies (which is why Steppenwolf knows his way around). He also reveals that the boom tubes are an inter-dimensional travel system. Also, Cyborg reveals that he can open a boom-tube now.

After this revelation, Diana tells the League that they must go to Apokolips and defeat Steppenwolf before he comes back with his entire army. Arthur believes that they’re all gonna die. Bruce reinforces the notion that they need to stop holding back and fight with their lives at stake. The League boom-tubes to Apokolips but Cyborg leaves the boom-tube open for Superman.

In Outer Space, Superman looks at the Sun and takes in the sunlight. That makes his suit change colors back to red and blue. Then, he flies back down to Alfred (“He said you’d come. Now, let’s hope you’re not too late”). Superman has a reunion with Lois and Martha before heading into the boom-tube.

The League fights Steppenwolf but can’t seem to win. Then, Superman joins the fight. This is INTERCUT with the history lesson. As Zeus, Artemis, Poseidon and Human King defeat Steppenwolf in the past; Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg defeat Steppenwolf in the present. They leave him defeated on Apokolips and boom-tube back to their Earth.

In the aftermath of the battle, Clark moves back to Smallville and marries Lois Lane. Bruce and Diana attend the wedding ceremony. Martha is the proudest mother.

At Hero’s Park, Superman and Batman welcome WW, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman to their new headquarters – the modified Kryptonian Ship.

Arthur meets Mera off the coast of Iceland and tells her that he is ready to embrace the responsibility of a King. Barry returns to Central City to work on his mother’s case. Cyborg visits his father’s grave.

Post Credits Scene 1

Diana returns back to Themiscyra only to find her mother near death. Hippolyta was injured gravely in Steppenwolf’s attack and gives in right after she crowns Diana as the new Queen of Themiscyra.

Post Credits Scene 2

In Gotham, Bruce meets Amanda Waller to get information on Deathstroke, intending to hunt him down.

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I have to admit, I swore off DC movies (many movies in general) after Suicide Squad, but I'm kinda curious about seeing this one. I hope it does well. It would be good to have some variety.

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People still trust DC? oh well good luck to them I guess, i just hope for an enjoyable movie.

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This movie will tank. I am a hige DC fan,will not go see this,will wait till its on redbox.

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@effinjay: Gotta watch it on 123Movies

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'Fans are most excited to see Wonder Woman and Aquaman in Suicide Squad.' They've done another extended cut of Suicide Squad? Wow, talk about beating a dead horse, can't wait to see how they managed to shoehorn Wonder Woman and Aquaman into it though.

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If it weren't for Wonder Woman and Whedon nobody I know would want to see this movie.

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@Barighm: That is what happens when you hire a good director and when you don't hire Zack Synder. I think Justice League may be a bit of a failure critically too due to Synder.

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@gamingdevil800: He directed to huge flops, surprised he hasn't been replaced yet.

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@freeryu: did well commercially, money is there to make execs quiet and happy.

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@sakaixx: I mean they could have still gotten rid of him. Not bad reviews should make them stop making movies.

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Teen titans need their own movie that would be SO Lit