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Just Cause Developer Worked On Alternate History 1950s Game

A canceled project from the studio behind the Just Cause series was set in an alternate London with inverted skyscrapers and airships.


Avalanche Studios, the developer of the Just Cause series, was once at work on game that took place in an alternate-history version of the 1950s. A game writer who worked on the project recently revealed the scuttled game, along with what ultimately happened to it.

In an interview with the YouTube channel Wassup Conversations, writer Mikael Saker recalled when Avalanche had to make severe studio cuts to both personnel and projects, including the alternate-history game.

"The publisher cancelled all their games except one, and it was a big publisher," Saker said. "But had been working on this awesome open-world game set in an alternative reality version of 1950s. It was insane! We had this huge version of London that looked spectacular. We didn't have skyscrapers, but we had, like inverted heights, so the city grew downwards, to the ground. You could fly ziplines, airships, planes and jump down to these really, really deep holes in the middle of the city. So it was visually, and world-building wise spectacular and it had some really great gameplay ideas."

Saker went on to say the game was still roughly two years from completion, so it had to be one of the games on the chopping block during the cuts. He didn't give a specific timeframe for when this project was in the works.

Avalanche is mostly known for the Just Cause series, and released Just Cause 4 in 2018. It also developed a Mad Max licensed game in 2015. More recently it worked with Bethesda Softworks on Rage 2.

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