Just Cause And Three Castlevania Titles Added To Xbox One Backwards Compatible List

The entire Just Cause series can be played on Xbox One now.


Microsoft has announced another four games have been added to the Xbox One backwards compatibility list. You can now play Just Cause, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD on Xbox One, regardless if you own the physical or digital versions of the games. If you do own the games digitally already, just head to the Ready to Download section on the My Games and Apps page of your Xbox One dashboard. They should be there.

In our Just Cause review, Ryan Davis gave the game a 7.2/10, writing, "Just Cause will evoke strong love-it-or-hate-it reactions from people for a lot of reasons. The game's amoral stance on the complicated issues surrounding US-sponsored regime changes in third-world countries will rub some people the wrong way, while others will be annoyed by its fast-and-loose approach to basic physics." Now that the first game has been added to Xbox One backwards compatibility, all four Just Cause games are available to play on the console.

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For the Castlevania games, Peter Brown gave Lords of Shadow a 7/10, Mirror of Fate HD an 8/10, and the third game a 7/10. He described the first game as "a good start for a series in need of some new blood," the second as "a great addition to the series," and Lords of Shadow 2 as a finale that "wraps up the Lords of Shadow trilogy with authority..."

Castlevania's story has reached a new audience with its popular Netflix animated series, which just debuted with its second season. In our Castlevania Season 2 review, Michael Rougeau wrote, "One thing Castlevania Season 2 definitely does have is buildup. All the intrigue and tension is leading somewhere--there's never doubt of that. By the end of the sixth episode, with just two more to go, the pieces seem to finally be falling into place. Belmont is fighting demons, Sypha is doing magic, and Dracula is--well, Dracula is still brooding, but the rest of his forces are finally at war. The action is still creatively executed, and fights look cool."

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