Just Cause 4's New Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Destructive Tornadoes

Get a look at one of the "extreme weather simulations" in the upcoming action game.

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Now Playing: Just Cause 4 - Official Tornado Gameplay Reveal Trailer | Gamescom 2018

With Gamescom 2018 almost underway, Square Enix has shared a new gameplay trailer for its upcoming open-world action game, Just Cause 4. The latest video provides fans with their first proper look at tornadoes, one of the four "extreme weather" simulations they will have to contend with in the game.

The trailer follows protagonist Rico Rodriguez on a mission to divert a tornado that is moving through the grasslands. He pursues the cyclone in an armored vehicle called the Storm Chaser, racing along winding dirt roads and leaping off ramps as the tornado tears through bridges, huts, towers, and anything else in its path. "Everything you see, as well as trajectory of every spiraling object is being calculated in real time," developer Avalanche says.

Rico eventually arrives at Solis's airport, which has been overtaken by the Black Hand. The mission then becomes to destroy the wind cannons keeping the tornado at bay. Avalanche says these can be dispatched using any method the player chooses, but the trailer shows Rico destroying the first with the railgun, one of the new weapons being introduced in Just Cause 4. Like all of the other new weapons in the game, the railgun has a "secondary fire option"--deploying a drone that can accompany Rico and also be used as a grapple point.

Square Enix formally unveiled Just Cause 4 during Microsoft's E3 press conference this past June, but the game was actually leaked twice ahead of the expo. Alongside a slew of new weapons, staple gadgets like the wing suit and grappling hook will return in the upcoming installment, and Avalanche is even upgrading them with new abilities and features.

Just Cause 4 launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on December 4. The game will be available in two editions: standard and Gold, the latter of which runs for $90 and includes the Just Cause 4 season pass and other digital content. Those who pre-order the Gold edition will also get access to the game 24 hours early.

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