Just Cause 3 Lets You Play a Surprisingly Competent Game of Jenga

Just substitute shipping containers for blocks, and voila.


While Just Cause 3 doesn't include support for a proper way to play Jenga--the game where you pull blocks from a tower while trying not to topple it--its grappling hook continues to open all sorts of interesting doors for players.

This is demonstrated in a new video from YouTube user teamcream, who has managed to concoct a way to play Jenga in-game (via Game Informer). This was accomplished by stacking shipping crates which you then pull out using the game's grappling hook.

Of course, part of Jenga is also taking the removed blocks and placing them back on top. This is accomplished here by tethering the crates to a helicopter and then flying them up to the top.

"It took a long time to build, and much longer than expected to come down," the creator said in the video's description. "It worked better than I anticipated."

It's somewhat of a lengthy, arduous process, but the video speeds up the full demonstration and even throws in a nice track from Hotline Miami to make it a more pleasant viewing experience. It finally ends with the entire tower being pulled over, which is a fun sight to behold (unless you stop to think about how much better it could have been if accompanied by some of the game's beautiful explosions).

Unfortunately, being a single-player game, you'd only be able to play this with friends by sharing the controller or keyboard locally. Fortunately, modders responsible for the Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod have announced their plans to release a similar mod for Just Cause 3, so this may not be the case forever.

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