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Just Cause 3 Dev On Why It's Keeping Gameplay Under Wraps (For Now)

Avalanche Studios reveals new information about the open-world game at PAX East, including Michael Bay inspirations.

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BOSTON--At PAX East 2015 this weekend, developers behind Just Cause 3 explained why they have released plenty of screenshots for the open-world game, but no gameplay. Game director Roland Lesterlin said Avalanche doesn't want to show gameplay until they are sure what fans see will blow them away.

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“We wanted to do everything in the right way," Lesterlin said, adding that Avalanche is currently putting the final touches and polish on gameplay.

"We're all gamers, too," he added. "We've spent many years working on this, pouring our heart and soul, and the first time you see it, we want you to say, 'Wow, that's awesome, we can't wait for that.'"

Lesterlin went on to say Just Cause 3 publisher Square Enix has been supportive of Avalanche's decision to keep gameplay under wraps so far.

Also during the Just Cause 3 PAX East panel, art director Zach Schlappi said early films from Transformers director Michael Bay inspired the art of the game. The first couple Transformers movies showed cars as gleamy and reflective, and Bay wasn't afraid to use color and daylight to amplify the explosions and chaos.

"A lot of the same principles also could be in our world," Schlappi said.

Just Cause 3 launches this holiday for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. GameSpot recently visited Avalanche's offices in Sweden and got to play some of the game. You can read our impressions here.

PAX East runs through Sunday. GameSpot will be reporting live from the show all weekend long.

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