Jurassic Park stomping on 360, PS3 this fall

Just-delayed, blockbuster-inspired adventure game will appear on Microsoft and Sony's consoles in addition to PC and Mac.


During recent press previews, Telltale Games has been cagey about saying exactly which platforms its upcoming adventure game Jurassic Park will be released on. Even though the game has been strictly shown off on the PC--and has also been announced for the Mac--demonstrators often used an Xbox 360 controller, with corresponding A, B, X, and Y button prompts appearing on the screen. Though that could just mean the PC version supports the 360 controller, the fact the game was coming to unspecified consoles raised the prospect an Xbox edition was in the works.

Gamers will be able to pet the nice dinosaurs on the PS3 and 360 this fall.
Gamers will be able to pet the nice dinosaurs on the PS3 and 360 this fall.

Now, Telltale has made it official. Not only will Jurassic Park come to the Xbox 360, but it will also arrive simultaneously on the PlayStation 3, PC, and Mac. The announcement comes the day after Telltale announced a new publisher licensing agreement with Microsoft to develop games on the Xbox 360. It also arrives shortly after Telltale announced that Jurassic Park, originally scheduled for an April release, was delayed until this fall.

In addition, Telltale revealed the Xbox 360 edition of the game will arrive as a "retail release containing the full series on disc." On other platforms, the game will be released episodically like other offerings from the publisher, which is in the middle of a series based on Back to the Future and is working on a Walking Dead title.

Jurassic Park takes place during the events of the 1993 film of the same name, but it follows a set of characters different from those the big-screen edition focused on. It will focus on Gerry Harding, a chief veterinarian at the park (who had a small role in the film) and his young daughter as they try to make their way across a tropical island while avoiding destructive--and often hungry--dinosaurs running amok. Gameplay will be reminiscent of Heavy Rain, with players following onscreen button prompts to get characters to interact with their environments.

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