Jurassic and Zombie on Jet Grind

Sega of America brings familiar names to the Jet Grind Radio soundtrack and it defends elements like grafitti and vandalism seen throughout the game.


According to a report in the San Jose Mercury, the US version of Jet Grind Radio will feature songs from Rob Zombie and Jurassic 5. It is not known whether Sega plans to entirely rework the game's music or whether it will incorporate these new tunes into Jet Grind Radio's existing Japanese soundtrack.

As part of the report, Sega of America officials refuted claims that the use of graffiti as a gameplay element in Jet Grind Radio promotes vandalism. "We're selling a fantasy world,"'' Rob Alvarez of Sega of America told The Mercury. "We're always expected to do the unexpected and to deliver content that's on the edge. It's a misconception that graffiti must have something to do with gangs and drugs. We're not trying to glamorize deviant behavior."

GameSpot will have further information on Jet Grind Radio as its release draws closer. Hit this link to read the entire San Jose Mercury article.

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