Jupiter's Legacy Was The Biggest Streamed Show After Release, Despite Cancelation

The superhero series hit Netflix in May but has already been canceled.


Even though Season 1 of Netflix's high profile superhero show Jupiter's Legacy was released in May, it has already been cancelled. However, new figures from data measurement company Nielsen have revealed that the show was the most popular series on streaming in its week of release.

According to the report, over a billion minutes of the 8-episode series were watched between May 10 and May 16. This was way ahead of the second most streamed title, Netflix's drama StartUp, which managed 760 million minutes across 31 episodes. Other popular titles include Grey's Anatomy and NCIS on Netflix, and Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale.

Jupiter's Legacy's cancelation was reported last week, with the cast released from their obligations and contracts to the series. Star Andrew Horton expressed his disappointment on Instagram, stating, "I'm sad and sorry that we don't get to continue this journey."

The show was based on Mark Millar's comic book series. But while there won't be any more seasons of Jupiter's Legacy, Millar has stated that Netflix has greenlit a live-action adaptation of Supercrooks, which goes deeper into the world of super-villains featured in the earlier show.

"We're confident we'll return to [Jupiter's Legacy], which could come back in a different iteration," Millar stated. "Netflix also has an anime adaptation of Supercrooks on the way, so this all amounts to a lot of great news and content for Supercrooks fans."

Netflix recently hosted its first Geeked Week event, with a large number of announcements and reveals. These included a new Witcher Season 2 teaser, the first trailer for Masters of the Universe Revelations, an announcement of new Stranger Things casting and a prequel podcast, and a cast announcement for the new Resident Evil show, Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness.

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