Jung 'ParalyzE' Kyung Doo becomes wins Code A tiebreaker and becomes final player for 2014 WCS KR Code S S1

SKT T1 protoss ParalyzE becomes the last player to join the upcoming season of Code S following a massive quadruple tiebreaker.


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With the new season of Code S soon upon us, the final attendants of the league were finalized yesterday as SKT T1's ParalyzE claimed the position after a quadruple tiebreaker against Cho 'Dream' Joong Hyuk and Kim 'Cure' Doh Wook in yesterday's Code A Wildcard Tournament.

With his participation in Code S, SKT T1 are, by a rather substansial margin, the most represented team in all of Code S, with a total of seven of their players participating.

Image Source: Dailyesports.com, thisisgame.com

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