Jumpgate 10-day trial offer

Starting today, NetDevil will let former Jumpgate players restart inactive accounts for a free 10-day period, and there's also a free trial for new players.


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NetDevil has announced the start of its Jumpgate reevaluation offer, which will restore inactive accounts from now until July 4. The offer is designed to let former Jumpgate players get a look at the recent updates to the game and does not require submitting a credit card number. New players can also sign up for a free 10-day trial of the game on the Jumpgate Web site.

"With the addition of long-awaited features such as player-owned stations, heavy fighters, the piracy registry, and new MODX, we felt that now would be the ideal time for players to come take a second look at how the game has matured and evolved," said Scott Brown, president of NetDevil.

Jumpgate is an online game that combines role-playing elements with the joystick-based combat of space combat simulations. The game was originally published by 3DO in 2001, and NetDevil has since rereleased the game and an expansion, Jumpgate Episode 2. For more details, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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