Jumper leaps to 360, Wii, PS2

Brash Entertainment adapting upcoming Doug Liman-directed film for consoles, due three days before theatrical release on February 12.


Jumper: Griffin's Story

In June, recently formed Brash Entertainment announced it had secured big-time funding to the tune of $400 million to raise the ante on film-to-game adaptations. Cofounded by Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull and helmed by Mitch Davis, founder of in-game advertising firm Massive Inc., Brash has thus far hinted at six projects currently under development, including adaptations of Saw and a PC version of 300, as well as a rhythm game featuring the squirrelly crooners Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Today, Brash announced that its latest film-to-game synergy will be a partnership with 20th Century Fox on the upcoming Doug Liman (Bourne Identity) production Jumper. As with the film, the game follows genetically deviant humans who are capable of teleporting at will anywhere in the world. Continuing the movie's teleportation-happy premise, the game focuses on the role of Billy Elliot star Jamie Bell as Griffin, who seeks to redress the murder of his parents by those bent on ridding the planet of jumpers.

Aside from being an action adventure, gameplay details on Jumper are sparse. The game will be available for the Xbox 360, Wii, and PlayStation 2 on February 12, three days before the film's theatrical release. It has not yet been rated.

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