Jumanji Is Now The Rock's Biggest Movie Ever In The US, Sequel Underway

The stars, director, and writers of Welcome to the Jungle are reportedly coming back for the sequel.


Sony's new Jumanji movie, Welcome to the Jungle, is proving to be a smash hit for the film company and one of the stars, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The movie has now made more than $353.3 million in the United States alone, pushing it past Furious 7's $353 million to become The Rock's highest-grossing movie ever in the United States. These numbers come by way of the newest box office report from Deadline.

Furious 7 made a further $1.16 billion from international markets to boost its worldwide total to around $1.5 billion. By comparison, Welcome to the Jungle has pulled in $505 million from foreign markets for a total of $858 million globally.

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According to Deadline, Sony has decided to move forward with a sequel to Welcome to the Jungle, which is one of the film company's highest-grossing movies outside of the Spider-Man series. The report states Sony is speaking with Welcome to the Jungle writers Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner to return for the sequel. Stars The Rock, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, Jack Black, and other cast members are also expected back.

Additionally, director Jake Kasdan is expected to come back to helm the untitled, undated, and officially unannounced sequel. Given that Welcome to the Jungle made more than $850 million (against a reported budget of $100 million), it makes sense that Sony will move forward with a sequel.

GameSpot reviewer Michael Rougeau quite enjoyed Welcome to the Jungle. It came some 22 years after the original Jumanji, which starred Robin Williams. That movie was based on the Chris Van Allsburg book of the same name.

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