Juan 'VortiX' Moreno Durán and mousesports go their separate ways

The Spanish zerg player, who became part of mousesports in a package-deal together with his brother Pedro 'LucifroN' Moreno Durán, has decided to not re-sign his contract with the team.


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VortiX was considered one of the premier zergs in the non-Korean scene at the time of his and his brother’s acquisition by the mousesports organisation in May last year, after leaving Karont3 eSports after one and a half years of playing for the team.

In early 2014 however, LucifroN decided to retire indefinitely from SC2 due to a lack of results and drive for the game in question. Likewise, VortiX found it hard to achieve the same results he and his brother had shared in 2012, where they managed to finish within the top 3 of 13 separate events between them.

I want to thank mousesports for the year we've both had together and for giving me the chance to become a professional in the eSports sector. They were always nice to me and it's a period I will never forget. Sadly we both think it's better for us to part ways and look for other possibilities.

Dúran’s departure will be final following their final regular season match against the yoeFlashwolves in the ongoing Acer Teamstory Cup. How the team will continue participating in the tournament’s playoff stage following VortiX’s departure is uncertain as the league requires a total of 4 active players in each respective team’s roster, and mousesports currently only fields Dennis 'HasuObs' Schneider, Gabriel 'HeRoMaRinE' Segat and Matic 'Starbuck' Dejac.

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