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Journey To Foundation Lets Players Explore Isaac Asimov's Sci-Fi Universe In VR

Isaac Asimov's classic sci-fi book series is getting a PlayStation VR 2 adaptation.


Journey to Foundation is looking to give Isaac Asimov's legendary sci-fi book series the video game treatment, and it's coming to PlayStation VR 2 in Autumn 2023.

A trailer debuting as part of PlayStation's first State of Play for 2023 showed a first look at what players will be up to in Journey to Foundation, as a narrator warns that the universe's existing interstellar empire will inevitably collapse and that the future of humanity will depend on what happens next. The trailer shows first-person stealth segments, conversations, platforming, and gunfights, as well a unique piece of technology that is able to incapacitate enemies.

In a PlayStation blog post, developer Archiact dives into the game's story, which will have players stepping into the shoes of Ward, an agent of the Commission of Public Safety tasked with investigating civil unrest in the empire. Eventually, Ward will stumble upon a group of defectors who are looking for the mysterious Foundation founded by Hari Seldon, whose use of psychohistory has predicted the fall of the empire and a subsequent dark age that will follow. From there, players will team up with the defectors to learn more about the Foundation and Seldon's plan to save humanity, but Archiact seems to tease that it will ultimately be up to players whether or not they go along with Seldon's mission or if they continue to fight for the doomed-to-fail empire.

Choice looks to play a key role, as players will be able to use mental science to influence the emotions of others and make decisions that will impact the world, according to Archiact. There will also be a variety of gadgets to aid players in their journey, ranging from a plasma torch to a nanotech-powered disguise suit.

Asimov's book series is notoriously action-light, instead focusing heavily on its philosophical themes. How the game will ultimately adapt the classic sci-fi series remains to be seen, but in the meantime fans can check out Apple TV's big-budget Foundation series, which was recently renewed for a second season.

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