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Journey Dev's Next Game Not Aiming for "Same Emotional Experience"

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Journey developer thatgamecompany's next project remains a mystery, but now, we've learned a little more about the tone it's aiming for. The developer said on Twitter (via DualShockers) that this unannounced title "won't have the same emotional experience of Journey." Previously, thatgamecompany said its upcoming project would be an "emotionally engaging experience centered around human connections for players of all ages and backgrounds." How the two will differ in terms of "emotion" remains to be seen.

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Released in 2012 for PlayStation 3 before coming to PlayStation 4 this summer, Journey was praised by critics across the board; GameSpot scored it a 9/10.

"Its deliberate ambiguity brings on the urge to speculate on deeper meanings, but meaning here is bound to be personal, and best discovered for yourself. Discover it you should," our reviewer wrote at the time.

In addition, we've learned that Vincent Diamante composed the game's music. Austin Wintory wrote the music for Journey and earned a Grammy nomination for it.

The developer's unannounced game is described as "very ambitious," with plans to "positively touch more players than ever before." Thatgamecompany's previous games--Journey, Flower, and Flow--were released on PlayStation platforms and PC, but the next project is likely to be a multiplatform effort.

This game is also being self-published by thatgamecompany, funded in part by $5.5 million in venture capital money that it received in 2012 from Benchmark. According to the developer, "Being exclusive to a platform means players who don't have access to that platform can't play our games, and this goes against our vision to create broadly accessible games for everyone."

Although former thatgamecompany president Kelee Santiago left the company, Journey creative director Jenova Chen remains at the studio. In addition, half of the current team has worked on one or more of the company's previous games.

No release date for thatgamecompany's next game has been announced. What are you hoping to see from the studio's next title? Let us know in the comments below.

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