Journey composer to score upcoming Leisure Suit Larry remake

Grammy-nominated artist Austin Wintory to compose for Kickstarter-funded project.


Austin Wintory, renowned for creating the music of PS3 title Journey, has another, decidedly less experimental game he's composing for.

Adventure game fans can look forward to a possible award-winning score in the upcoming remake.
Adventure game fans can look forward to a possible award-winning score in the upcoming remake.

According to a recent interview on Polygon, Wintory will be composing the score for the upcoming Leisure Suit Larry remake from developer Replay Games. Leisure Suit Larry creator Al Lowe reached out to Wintory during the Spike VGA awards on the weekend of December 7.

The composer stated that he had experience in writing "sexy music" for films; the game developers made sure that Wintory was comfortable creating "seedy, back alley kind of stuff", given the nature of the Leisure Suit Larry series, according to the Polygon story.

The Leisure Suit Larry remake was successfully funded via Kickstarter. The game is scheduled to be out in the first quarter of 2013 for PC, Mac, iOS and Android platforms. The soundtrack for Journey was recently nominated for a Grammy for the Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media category.

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Sexy music? What does that sound like?

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Soooooo that would make... one reason to buy this game.

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I played the xbox version some funny s#!t bring it to consoles again

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Haters gon' hate. Can't wait for this! Supposedly if the remakes do well, Al Lowe might make a new LSL 8 game

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Back in the day LSL was the bomb and it will be quite interesting to see a remake. I cannot judge it until I see it.

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Weird... I played through all of them in the 80s and 90s, but I just don't see a market for this type of game anymore. They were fun (and funny) at the time, but recent attempts to modernize the license were all pretty bad.

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@Pyrosa I agree. They have a special place in the gaming world but I don't see them doing well in the market of today. It doesn't matter though. There are plenty of old nostalgics out there as proved already since this was crowdfunded on kickstarter. It's already payed for folks.

A nice piece of memorabilia for old fans. Polished up a bit with a few wink winks & nudge nudges I bet.

I wish we could get some other old classics remade with new graphics.

Oh and if you haven't yet sponsored the new "Elite" sequel then get over to their kickstarter right away. It might not make it. David Braben needs your cash. It might be the last chance for a real sequel to one of the greatest games in history.

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I'm not really a fan of those games, but best of luck to him. A paycheck is a paycheck.

Avatar image for Shouoken4Peace

Holy moly, a remake Leisure Suit Larry. Someone save him before he goes the way of poor old Duke Nukem. Anyone remember the old PC gem "Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist"? that game was awesome.

Avatar image for SkaiNett

@Shouoken4Peace Difference is, this remake won't take several years to make only to have it flop. It will only take one or two years to make before it comes out as a flop.

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I've been waiting for another good Leisure Suit Larry game since the 90's.

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@gatsbythepig Same here.

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Well he did a good enough job on Journey, I have to admit, since it was one of the PROMINENT features of the game, which in this case is a sad thing for Journey as a whole, that that would be a significant improvement to this game and all it promises judging by the cover. I truly wish that the music in Journey had shown a bit more virtuosity, I can't lie...

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LSL is right up their with your dad's pen that, when turned upside-down, made the woman's clothing disappear... *eye-roll*

Avatar image for gatsbythepig

@MonkeySpot My uncle had one and I coveted it. Those were incredible.

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Huh... Well there's two things I never thought would go together...

Honestly, I'll never have any respect for the Leisure Larry series, but then again, I'm not the target demographic... Everyone has their own interests.

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King's Quest 4 and a couple Space Quests still haven't been remade at all xD

"Look udner rock"

"Lok under rock"


"Look under rock"


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As much as I love Leisure Suit Larry, this is like having Monet paint a black velvet painting of two dogs humping.

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I rather have a Kings Quest/Quest for glory/space quest remake than a Leisure remake.

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@SolarChimecho Well I'd rather have a Leisure Suit Larry remake. :P

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For all you people bashing Leisure Suit Larry, it was actually a pretty funny series back in the day - like 80's and early 90's. If you're judging the series based on the crappy 3D titles that came out in the 2000s then you're really only cheating yourself out of some fun.

I love new games, but I really loved adventure games when they were big. The Monkey Islands got great remakes and now another series will get modernized. Can't wait.

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@UncleAnesthesia So many dumb, negative comments on this article, and then finally, someone else who *gets* it.

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Wow, really.......somebody actually got funding to do THIS?? Of all the games deserving and someone decided to waste time on pitching this for KS?? What's even worse is that it actually got successfully achieved......

Apparently a lot fools ain't really grow up past the Leisure Suit Larry level of 'adult gaming'......0_o.

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Spoken like someone who never really understood what the original Leisure Suit Larry games were all about. I'm not talking about the really sh1tty newer ones. I'm talking about the classic Larry ones. They were humorous puzzle/adventure type games.

Larry was a loveable loser type main character and the situations that he found himself in and the thought process used to get in and out of them was always tongue-in-cheek and playful.

I, for one, can't wait for this to come out.

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@nocoolnamejim Maybe so. I suppose the more cruder later iterations probably have washed over the original.

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@PumpkinBoogie @nocoolnamejim Not just his "blessing"- the man is IN CHARGE of the whole thing :)

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@PumpkinBoogie @nocoolnamejim Exactly, LSL is a classic that has become somewhat unplayable due to its age. If you forget the new ones and give this a shot, you will love it - I know it's going to be great already because it's a remake.

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@nocoolnamejim I guess w/ the blessing of the original creator it shouldn't be too bad (well at least, here's hoping that's what pans out, lol). I'd certainly consider giving a revamp of the original a try over any of that new Leisure suit juvenile junk.

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I think you're right. The newer ones were made by different people than made the older ones and it shows. Don't think the people who made the newer ones really got the appeal of what the older ones were about.

The newer ones focused on frat boy shock value and minigames instead of puzzles and playful wink-wink, nudge-nudge humor.

Al Lowe, the guy who did the older/original Larry games is involved in this remake.

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*pass* (dammit why can't we get an 'Edit' button?!)

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We all know, what a masterpiece Box Office Bust is, so I don't expect anything.

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Well, you gotta get paid.

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Woah what a change. From great art, to great fart. I don't know what this guy was thinking.

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Probably was thinking about paying his bills.

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Oh God why?! lol. Wasn't the point of this series to give adults "adult gaming" back in the day before more mature stuff was developed?

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the game developers made sure that Wintory was comfortable creating "seedy, back alley kind of stuff" -- I totally LOLed at this part.

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Austin, what are you doing ?

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You know, when I first saw journey, I thought "hey, this reminds me of leisure suit larry". Now I know it wasn't just me.

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Brace yourselves, the sexism comments are coming.

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who want this game O_o

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I never played Journey or even seen it in action, but from what I take these couldn't be more opposite games. I always like hearing or seeing things that are unexpected.

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Well, that escalated quickly.

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@NS_Sonic204 Yea, it really got out of hand fast.