Journey adventuring to PSN

E3 2010: ThatGameCompany's third PSN title revealed ahead of schedule; more information at company's presentation Thursday.


LOS ANGELES--Sony's press briefing included game reveals, exclusive deals, and more, but the company spoke nothing of a new release for the PlayStation Network from FlOw and Flower development studio ThatGameCompany. That said, the information found its way out anyway.

From the makers of Flower comes a new PSN title.
From the makers of Flower comes a new PSN title.

Tuesday night, a press release and images for a ThatGameCompany-developed game titled Journey popped up on video game discussion forum NeoGAF. The press release purports that Journey will offer "simple gameplay and accessible controls," similar to the studio's previous entries, when it debuts on the PSN in 2011.

Jenova Chen, founder of ThatGameCompany, recently quickly confirmed that Journey is indeed the studio's third game and promised further details on Thursday. The news comes via social-networking site Twitter, where Chen recently scribed "our new PSN title 'Journey' is leaked a bit early…" Accompanying the message was a link to the NeoGAF post, as well as a promise that his studio will officially unveil the project on Thursday at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

ThatGameCompany's previous work, FlOw and Flower, featured simple designs in an effort to create accessible play experiences. Journey also falls within those definitions but is being dubbed an "online adventure experience," where players can travel through expansive landscapes either alone or with strangers they meet along the way.

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