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Joker Sequel Script Is Written, Title Revealed

Director Todd Phillips shared a photo of Joaquin Phoenix apparently reading the script.


Writer/director Todd Phillips took to Instagram to share the cover page of Joker 2, which he co-wrote with Joker collaborator Scott Silver. Phillips also shared a photo of star Joaquin Phoenix reading its pages.

The title for the sequel is Joker: Folie à deux, with the subtitle translating as either "folly of two" or "madness shared by two." It's a reference to a medical term for a mental disorder shared by two people, or a shared delusional disorder--or possibly hallucinations transmitted from one individual to another. All of which, within the context of the Oscar-winning 2019 film, could refer to how Arthur Fleck's chaotic villainy is embraced by Gotham City in the first film. Or, it could also refer to Joker meeting Phillips' version of Harley Quinn. Or even Batman, perhaps. Who can say?

Joker also starred Robert De Niro, Zazi Beetz, and Frances Conroy. Because Joker was not expected to be such a commercial success, Warner Bros. sought outside investors to mitigate their risk if the film didn't land. Warner Bros. also reportedly gave Phillips and star Phoenix lucrative back-end deals so they reaped the benefits of Joker's oversized success at the box office--more than $1 billion at the global box office.

Before Phillips directed Joker, he was known for his comedies such as Road Trip, Old School, and The Hangover films. He directed the gun-smuggling movie War Dogs in 2016 and is lined up to direct a biopic about Hulk Hogan next. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Phillips may soon start serving as an advisor on future DC projects for Warner Bros. As for Phoenix, he will play Napoleon Bonaparte in Ridley Scott's Kitbag and he will star in Midsommar director Ari Aster's new movie, Disappointment Blvd.

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