Johnny Gargano Of NXT Isn't Planning On Doing Marvel Inspired Ring Gear Anymore

WWE's Gargano talks about where his cosplay game is going next… nowhere.


NXT wrestler Johnny Gargano is an immensely talented performer. He puts on stellar matches--especially when facing longtime rival Tommaso Ciampa--and even when the character is hated by fans, he's still loved.

One thing Gargano is known for is his comic book-inspired cosplay. In the past, Gargano has had ring attire that pays homage to Marvel characters like Star Lord, Punisher, Captain Marvel, and our personal favorite, Iron Man. However, now that Gargano has gone heel, will those cosplays keep happening? According to Johnny Wrestling himself, don't count on it.

"[The Johnny Gargano] character is changing and evolving, so I do not know if there will be another Marvel-inspired gear," Gargano told GameSpot. "Well, that's the first I've ever said that on record, but I'm not really sure if that's where it is headed. In my head--in my character's head--he did a lot of things that put smiles on fan faces to make people happy, but it was very much of a detriment to himself. That's the reason he brought back DIY. That's the reason he [teamed] with Tomasso [Ciampa] again, even though he had ill will towards Tomasso. So I don't know. I don't know if there will ever be another Marvel cosplay. I don't know if they'll another Marvel inspiration. You'll have to watch and find out, but we'll see what happens."

It's the ultimate heel move for Gargano: don't give the fans what they want. Or maybe he will do something extremely outlandish like have a DC character inspired ring gear. We'll wait to see if Gargano gets decked out in a Darkseid outfit in the upcoming months. Speaking of cosplay ring gear, at Wrestlemania 36, Rhea Ripley had great ring gear based on Vageta's outfit from Dragon Ball Z.

Gargano will face Ciampa on NXT tonight at 8 PM ET on USA Network.

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