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John Wick Star Calls The Continental A Cash Grab He'll Never Watch

Winston actor Ian McShane has "no intentions" to check out the Peacock prequel series.


It seems like Winston actor Ian McShane is okay spilling blood on The Continental--the Peacock show, that is. In a new interview, the John Wick star plainly states his distaste for the creation of the three-episode series that focuses on his character's origins.

Speaking with MovieWeb, McShane says he "wouldn't watch it." He adds: "I have no intentions--nobody--I don't think Keanu [Reeves] watched it, neither has Chad [Stahelski, director of the John Wick movies]. It had nothing to do with our movies. It's just a question of a TV company cashing in on the series and taking the option to [air?]. They never asked us about anything, so why would I be interested in seeing it?"

Ian McShane portrays Continental manager Winston in the John Wick movie franchise.
Ian McShane portrays Continental manager Winston in the John Wick movie franchise.

The Continental premiered in September on Peacock, and you can watch the action-packed opening sequence to the John Wick spin-off show. GameSpot talked to director Albert Hughes about how The Continental expands the franchise in a way the movies can't.

This isn't the first time McShane hasn't held back from sharing his strong opinions about a big franchise. In 2017, the actor was asked by Empire Magazine about the blowback he received for spoiling a plot point in Game of Thrones. Part of his response? "Get a f***ing life. The show is huge but some fans seem to identify with it [too closely]," McShane said at the time.

While obviously not a fan of The Continental series, McShane will appear in the John Wick spin-off Ballerina alongside Reeves. The action movie starring Ana de Armas was recently delayed to June 6, 2025.

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