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John Wick Prequel TV Series The Continental Headed To Peacock

The three-part series will premiere on Peacock in 2023 alongside the John Wick movie trilogy.


Peacock and Lionsgate have officially inked a deal for the John Wick prequel TV series The Continental. The previously announced three-part TV series will come to Peacock in 2023--and before this announcement was headed to Starz, and not a streaming service.

"John Wick has become part of the cultural zeitgeist with a massive, passionately engaged fan base around the world," said Lionsgate Television Group Chair Kevin Beggs. "We're delighted to partner with Peacock to continue expanding the John Wick Universe. This agreement reflects the collaboration of our motion picture group, which has grown the franchise from the beginning and was excited by the opportunity to bring it to the next level… [this series is] a brilliant and enduring property that is one of the most highly-anticipated streaming events of 2023."

This means franchise fans have John Wick 4, a spinoff titled Ballerina starring Ana de Armas, and The Continental to look forward to. The Continental is told from the perspective of Ian McShane's (Deadwood) character Winston Scott, who in the Peacock version, will feature Colin Woodell (The Purge: The TV Series) portraying a younger version of him. The character, according to a synopsis, "is dragged through 1975 New York to face a past he thought he'd left behind. In an attempt to seize control of the iconic hotel, which serves as a meeting point for the world's most dangerous criminals, Winston charts a deadly course through the mysterious underworld of New York City."

Woodell is joined by Ayomide Adegun, who will portray a young Charon (based on Lance Reddick’s character); Peter Greene, who dons the fedora of Uncle Charlie (based on the tight-lipped body disposal expert); Mel Gibson as Cormac; Ben Robson as Frankie; Hubert Point-Du Jour as Miles; Jessica Allain as Lou; Mishel Prada as KD; and Nhung Kate as Yen.

John Wick: Chapter Four scheduled for theatrical release worldwide in March 2023.

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