John Wick Dev Mike Bithell Announces New Game, The Solitaire Conspiracy

The studio behind John Wick Hex and Thomas Was Alone announced its new game, described as "FMV Solitaire."


Bithell Games is a studio that isn't afraid to mix things up, and its latest game is no exception. Best known for the narrative puzzle game Thomas Was Alone and the bizarre John Wick Hex, the studio's new title, The Solitaire Conspiracy, is a spycraft-themed take on the classic solo card game.

As studio head Mike Bithell explained in a Twitter thread, Bithell Games tends to alternate between big, high-profile titles like John Wick Hex and more experimental "shorts" that push the boundaries of traditional game design. Previous shorts include the sci-fi story games Subsurface Circular and Quarantine Circular, which were released without any sort of build or marketing. However, due to the crowded games market of 2020, Bithell is giving The Solitaire Conspiracy a two-week lead-up.

Based on its trailer, The Solitaire Conspiracy looks to be a spy thriller, featuring pesky moles, high-stress heists, and lots and lots of dramatic card-flipping. It also has a solo campaign anchored by FMV cutscenes that includes performances by gaming notables like Kinda Funny's Greg Miller. You can check out the trailer on Steam. The Solitaire Conspiracy releases October 6 for PC, though other platforms may be announced in the coming weeks.

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