John Cena And Dwayne Johnson Working Together On New Action Movie

It'll be like Wrestlemania on the big screen, right?


Dwayne Johnson recently starred in Rampage and has quickly become a summer blockbuster star over the past couple of years. John Cena has been playing smaller parts in comedies but had a much bigger role in the recent movie Blockers. Both men, at one time, have been the face of WWE, and now, they'll be working together, outside of the ring.

Johnson has been working on a movie with his production company Seven Bucks Productions for years, based on the Robert Ludlum novel The Janson Directive. The film finally found its lead in John Cena. Johnson took to social media to make the big announcement, which you can see below.

Reportedly, Johnson was going to star in the film but due to his busy schedule, he could not make it work (via Variety). He decided to move forward on the project as the producer while they looked for a new lead. Considering he'll be in numerous movies, including DC Entertainment's Black Adam, a Jumanji sequel, his HBO series Ballers, and even a Fast and the Furious spin-off, that may be for the better.

While Cena is currently known for his comedic roles in Blockers, Ferdinand, and Trainwreck, the actor had some action roles in the past, primarily through WWE Studios films such as 12 Rounds and The Marine. This was the same studio that gave Johnson his starring-role starts with Walking Tall and The Rundown, shortly after his big screen debut in 2001's The Mummy Returns.

The Janson Directive follows an ex-Navy Seal, Phil Janson, who was formerly a member of a covert operations group called Consular Operations. Janson has a dark past as he was tortured by the Viet Kong during the Vietnam War. After the war, he works as a successful corporate security consultant, who takes on a job that goes south quickly, and Janson has to go on the run.

Novelist Ludlum is best known for his Jason Bourne series, to which he wrote three books about the character before his passing in 2001. While Ludlum only wrote one book about Janson, there are three more in the series, which are written under the Ludlum brand.

A release date for The Janson Directive has not been set yet,

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